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The Saga of the Gwandorlings 30
"Just kill them all."
"There are 200 of them."
"Okay, accept the wereguild."

Argrath made his way to Torkan's Last Fort speak with King Jafoksor, he fared well and came upon Jafoksor in hall. spake of a message from Harvar Ironfist asking for tribute. The amount demanded was small Torkani could easily pay it. told Argrath that they were going it as promised not attack tribe year. agreed wisdom move this would give them another year prepare their defense. >

Argrath then fared south with Gudny and Sigmund.

In Battle Valley Gudny secured Kazo Kang's aid in training their enlo recruits. Kazo Kang would train them in Battle Valley and send them back to the Orgovalti in two seasons.

They came to King Brendast of the Culbrea in his hall and he bade Gudny welcome. He sent several of his ring from the room and trusted heath-thanes barred the door before he bade the Friends speak. Gudny told of their doings since last he had spoken with the king and he was mighty impressed. Gudny gifted Brendast with a heavy gold torque and broached the issue of the Malani blood feud with him. He asked Brendast to intercede on his behalf to see if they would accept wereguild. Brendast agreed to look into the issue.

Brendast told the Companions of news he had heard from the south. A ravening chaos hoard, under control of the moon-men had ravaged King Broyan's army in Hendrikiland and destroyed it. Broyan had disappeared along with Kallyr the False-Argrath. The Empire was once again in control of all of Heortland north of the Brithini lands. He also spake of warfare in Esrolia where the Red Earth faction was doing well with the Empire's support.

The Friends flew onto to Old Wind. In Sambari Pass they espied a large Imperial work site. They estimated nye 3,000 soldiers guarding it and 2,000 workers raising earthworks and fortifications. They realised that this was the same location that they had found the lunar survey group at and determined that this must be the beginning of a Reaching Moon Temple.

At Old Wind Argrath asked Utguard to meet with him along with Norolf. Argrath bade them both send champions to the southron lands to spread their hero-cults among the Marches. He also spake of the plans of Harvar and the Friend's plans to thwart them. Norolf, who hates Harvar, and Utguard both agreed to join Argrath in his fight against Harvar. They would come north next year with 50 Storm-Walkers each.

The Friends stayed at Old Wind for a week gathering information and news. During that time they learned that the Red Earth faction in Esrolia had been scattered again and they were brought news from Bronwyn at Cliffhome that Wyrmquil had deciphered the book he was working on and had the solution to the EWF banner question. They immediately flew north on the winds.

At Cliffhome Wyrmquil told what he had learned. As the EWF neared the end, a prophetic group, called the Dragon's Furtive, foresaw the fall of the Empire. It is believed that that group removed the Banner from the High Temple. Wyrmquil has a journal from a member of Dragon's Furtive that tells of their journey east into the Praxian Wastes with the banner. He has not finished the translation but knows that their destination was somewhere in the east. The Black Dragon recommended that Argrath pursue the banner and return it to Dragon Pass. The distances involved could easily take a year to cover. Cragspider let it be known that she would demand a boon from Argrath if he embarked on this journey.

The Companions made their preparations for the journey. Argrath left instructions with Hurred the Drayce to put the mostali engineers to work. Some to excavate the cave they had seen on the quest; some to build a keep in Stone-Storm valley; some to begin mining the ur-metal [1] and gold from the valley; some to aid in rebuilding the March from the wars that had wracked it.

Gudny sought out Rark Ironbear at the Block and asked him to find them guides for their journey east. Rark took a week to gather a band that was willing to make the eastfaring. They were led by a Sable-rider named Dugunastowayahthar.

Gudny heard back from Brendast about the Malani. They were willing to accept wereguild and named 200 cows as their price. As this was the price for a tribal champion, and Gudny had slain Ordar called at the time "Shameblade" who had once been the Malani champion, he paid it right over with the help of his friends. Brendast told that he would see that the money made it to the Malani.

The Friends made all of their arrangements and gathered their supplies. Argrath, Gudny, Sigmund, Kamoar, Bronwyn, Lothar and Varax were to make the journey. Wyrmquil was to come as well. Argrath's bodyguards Rolf and Von, Gudny's bodyguards Borne and Vedda, Voydag, Argrath's wife, Doryl the Pathfinder, Tharn the Raindancer, and the 20 Praxian riders completed the group.

News arrived from Sota Lamplighter that he had fared to Sun County and led a revolt against Ogunjar. In three days of fighting the Count had fled the land. He was reportedly encamped outside Alda-chur with 300 templars and various other companions. The Friends knew that Ogunjar and Harvar were fast friends. Baron Samuel had also fled with Ogunjar. Reports said that Harvar and Ogunjar were planning to build a new Sun Dome temple in Alda-chur.

The Friends made off north to see Cragspider and learn her boon.

[1] Ur-metal = iron.

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March 27, 2001

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