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The Saga of the Gwandorlings 13

So it came to pass that the companions made their preparations to fare to the south seeking a moon rock. They decided to journey with an Uz Insect caravan until they reached Boldhome and then make their own path. Kazokang returned to his home bearing a message bidding Varax, Lothar and Katla to meet the friends in Boldhome.

While the preparations were going on, a huge storm rocked the valley. Skyriver Titan's wound opened to thrice it's normal size and many strange sightings were made in the lake in the next few days. One troll fishing crew spied a three-hundred foot leviathan in the waters and made record time rowing for the shores. Another group of Uz dragged a very wet and half-drowned man from the lake. As he wore "Wind-man" markings the trolls brought him to see the companions.

Argrath greeted the man and they all strained to understand his strange dialect. He bore both Orlanthi and Draconic runes and they were surprised to see his tongue was forked. Argrath spake with him in Draconic asking his name and home.

The man named himself Bron from Jisteel. As none of the companions recognized that town, Bron described its location to them, it was in, or rather, under, Delecti's marsh.

It came out Bron had been transported through time from the age of the EWF. He had been sent to investigate increased storm activity at Skyfall Lake and been pulled into it. He came out of it a millennia later.

The companions told Bron of the things that had happened in that time including the rise of the Lunar Empire. Bron grumbled at those "upstart" Dara Happans raising trouble again. With the proof of Crag Spider's library they convinced him that he had indeed traveled forward in time. Bron decided to accompany the companions on their journeys to learn more of this time and place.

On the night before they left, the companions were visited by a sending. A strong wind blew down the chimney in their quarters and a silver cloud of billowed out of the hearth. Utguard Cloudstrider's face formed in the cloud and he summoned the companions to Old Wind to receive the blessings of the Thunder Brothers.[1] The companions agreed to visit while they were in the south and the cloud dissipated.

Wyrm Quill told Argrath that he was nearly sure of where the EWF banner was, but needed one final book to finish his research. The "Lexicon of Lothra Fork-Tongue", located in Boldhome, records the locations of those responsible for guarding the banner. With this it should be possible to find it's last location. Argrath agreed to retrieve the book.

It happened that Orgovalt the Angry asked his King, Argrath, if he could remain at Skyfall Lake and raise a resistance army to fight Harvar Ironfist. Argrath gave his blessings.

So the companions fared south with a troll caravan bearing Crag Spider's sigil. They were the guides and mercenary guards for the caravan and under Crag Spider's protection. The caravan stopped at Alone and in Dinacoli land to trade. It passed over Dangerford and finally arrived at Bold home.

Some of the events on the journey need be told.

While camping near Dangerford, Argrath had a magnificent dream. He was sitting in a great glittering throne, in a glittering room surrounded by a glittering court. He looked at his arms and realised they were massive golden wings, his tongue was forked and his face was rather elongated. He was a dragon. His court piled gifts at his feet and proclaimed him Emperor. He accepted the gifts and the dream ended. Argrath awoke his friends, the dream had been too powerful, it must have been a sending.

Gudny awoke and smelt strong magic in the air. Argrath described his dream to his friends with a growing sense of dread. Something was wrong. Gudny recited the tale of the Death of the Golden Emperor. The Dara Happans had grown tired of the Dragon Emperor and had him slain. Somebody had enacted a threshold hero quest and cast Argrath, successfully, as the Dragon Emperor. The way was now open for them to try the enact the Slaying of the Emperor quest.

The companions had also learned on the journey that Harvar had announced that the last rebels had been crushed and he had completed his ritual cleansing of his realms. He was receiving the homage of all of his new clans. The Torkani were preparing for war as it would not be long before Harvar invaded them.

In Boldhome, the companions met up with Lothar, Varax, Katla, Darund , and two other Vingans. They met in Geo's and also met a friend of Lothar's, Thorwald One-Eye, a Humakti war-master from the War Academy; they also met one Jessa the Red, the leader of the local Vingans standing in for Kally Starbrow.

Thorwald summoned Bodar Kellson, a Lhankor Mhy sage who openly supported the rebel cause. He had written a thesis on the "Instability of the Imperial System of Rule" and distributed a pamphlet called "Freedom" which was a satirical cartoon. He agreed to help the companions find the book at the library if they would take him with them when they left.

They talked long about Boldhome and Sartar in general. They learnt that all unsanctioned books had been moved in to the Orripi Ontor annex on the Lhankor Mhy library and were scheduled to be sent back to the Empire. Bodar told them of the 6 guards on the library, fat, old men, and that most of the sages would be away in Tarsh for a symposium later in the week.

A crier came round summoning all the peoples of Boldhome to the palace to hear the Prince speak. Shortly afterwards, a file of Lunar hoplites marched into the neighborhood and forced everybody to attend the palace.

Prince Temertain stood on the stairs of the palace flanked by his bodyguards. 100 Telmori warriors on his left and 100 Lunar Provincial Veterans on his right, the position of honour.

Temertain thanked the people for coming, "I did not expect such a good turn-out," and offered the blessings of the Emperor. He presented several visiting noble including most of Sartar's Tribal Kings. He presented several citizenship awards and recognized the accomplishments of several people.

At this point, Count Ogunjur Straigh-Arm, of Sun County strode forth and demanded the King's permission and aid in attacking the Lismelder and Locaem tribes. The tribes had been raiding the County. Thanos of Sword Vale and Algar Goodspear, the respective kings, complained at this.

Tatius the Bright, one of the King's advisors whispered in his ear. Temertain looked troubled but nodded. He announced that Thanos and Algar would be held for Crimes against Citizens of the Empire and that Sun County would be aided in their quest reclaim lost gold and cattle from the two tribes. The crowd grumbled angrily and the two kings were seized by guards and dragged off.

Jolmes Wolf stood forth and petitioned Temertain for support in his fight with the Telmori. The Wolfguards muttered angrily. Tatius whispered in Temertain's ear again. Temertain looked unhappy while he declared that Jolmes would have Imperial and Royal support and troops to support him. The Telmori guards cried out in dismay and as one they flung their royal daggers to the ground and stormed off to their quarters.

That afternoon, the companions decided they would talk to the Telmori and reveal Argrath's kingship. They would steal the Lexicon from the library and then burn it to the ground and they would free the two imprisoned kings.

Argrath made his way to the Wolf quarter of Boldhome and strode up to the guards at the den's entrance. He demanded that the guards show him to their leader. When they questioned him he declared "I AM your rightful king!" Such was the power of his presence that the two guards fell on their knees before him and pledged their fealty to him unto their deaths. They then lead him in to the den. In a large central chamber, Agrath was faced by the Telmori's leader and many restless warriors.

Tribar, the leader demanded to know Argrath's business. Argrath claimed his right as King of Sartar to their loyalty. He promised to fulfil his obligations to protect the Telmori and bring them peace once he regained his throne. As proof of his claim, he would light the Flame of Sartar that night if the Wolfmen would help him gain access to the palace and help free the imprisoned kings. Tribar agreed. "Temertain is no King and we will serve him no longer. To do as you bid will bring great hardship and death to our people but we will do it."

[1] The collective priests, allies, and spirits of the Old Wind Temple of southern Dragon Pass.

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March 27, 2001

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