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The Saga of the Gwandorlings - 9

The tale now takes up in Earth Season. Sea Season has passed quietly and the clan now prepared for planting time.

Getig Kingsvoice arrived at this time in the company of several minstrels. They held a performance at Kulbrast's hall and Getig guested with Gudny and they talked of this and that. The fires burnt long into the night again as Getig told the tale of the fall of Whitewall. He then told the companions of a meeting at Bull Ford at the end of Dark season of all the rebel leaders. The companions said they would try to attend.

Getig gifted Gudny with a silver arm-ring when he left.

For the first time in over 10 years, Vistol the Swift, Gudny's uncle came to the clan lands. He bore news of Hamdir the Outlaw. He had joined the Lunar cult of Etyries and taken a suit to the courts claiming ownership of Gwandor house. As he was a citizen and had proof he had owned the house the courts ruled that it was his and that the clan had unlawfully taken it from him. His proof was the contract he had signed with the Lunar garrisons for lodging.

The companions discussed various ways to slay the man but decided that he was safe as long as he stayed in Jonstown.

Kulbrast came around and canvassed the friends for their support in raiding the Gorde. He wished to call a moot and summon the entire fyrd to kill the Chief. He spake that this was planting time, not fighting time and the Gorde would not expect this raid. Argrath was sent around the Culbrea lands seeking volunteers to help in the raid. Gudny and Kulbrast talked to all in the clan convincing them to support the plan. Yorden and Menja could not be convinced but they did not actively oppose the plan.

At Moot the clan chose to raid.

Argrath returned with 2 Martehiording warriors, a Barlamoni, 6 Elk, 6 Stirlgon, and 2 Culbri. He and Gudny then rode of east to visit the Poljoni and the Sazdorf. Neither would send help.

Gudny talked with Kazokang and was told of the gift the Uz had found for him. Kazokang had found an iron anvil in the ruins and several iron smithing tools as well. Gudny was struck dumb but eventually managed to give his thanks. He would send a wagon to collect the anvil as the trolls could not touch it [1].

When they returned, the fyrd had assembled. Kulbrast appointed his champion, Argrath, as war-leader.

Gudny performed the Arming of Orlanth ceremony on Argrath and did it very well. Argrath could feel the strength of the Thunderer fill his arms and blessings of the King of Gods was with him. Gudny's band ritually armed him as well and they joined the fyrd.

160 fyrdmen, the 16 volunteers, and 20 of the Chief's huscarls were there. Many of the fyrdmen were weapons-thanes themselves.

Argrath decided to launch his attack at dawn. The huscarls would fly over the walls and open the gates while the fyrd attacked through them.

They fared over the valley into Gorde land and came upon the Chief's hall as Elmal rose over the hills. Many scouts had been seen riding for the hall and as they rode up more could be seen spreading the call to arms through the tula.

Kulbrast, Argrath, Gudny, Nestin, and 15 huscarls flew into the over the walls, they were met there by Gorde huscarls.

Sigmund and Medar Thundersling hurled Hedkoranth's thunderstones at the gates but failed to burst it open.

Kamoar called upon his ability to emulate Yinkin and changed into a were-cat. He leapt the 10 foot wall easily and went to open the gates. They were already opening.

Sun Dome Templar's Shield wall 16 Sun Dome Templars charged through the open gates in a single rank phalanx and the fyrd gave way before them.

Varax charged one of the mercenaries and hewed at him at once with the axe, "Beheader." The Templar threw his shield before him, and Varax hewed the shield and cleft it from top to bottom, but the upper horn of the axe made its way into his breast, and passed into his trunk, and the soldier fell and was dead at once. Varax charged through the break in the shield wall, in his berserker rage, and hewed at the palisade trying to gain entrance.

Sigmund leapt forth with a great shout and struck at the pikemen. He smote the head off of the pike and struck at the man. His blow fell full upon the shield and cut through it and sundered the man at the chine. His back blow clove the body from hip to shoulder and the Templar landed on the ground in three pieces.

A Gorde huscarl hurled his spear at Argrath. Argrath threw down his shield and caught the spear with his lefthand and threw it back at the man and dealt him his death. He took up his shield again.

Gudny struck an other huscarl with Orlanth's javelin [2] and slew him straight out.

Kamoar raced along the ramparts of the wall throwing men over and dealing them wounds so they could not fight.

Now the fyrd pressed the Templar phalanx sorely, two others had fallen and Illigos the Boar, their leader was rallying them to pull back in to the keep. Sigmund ran at them, and Illigos was quickest of them, and thrust at Sigmund with his spear. Sigmund had his shield before him, and the blow fell on it, and the spear stuck fast in the shield. Then Sigmund twists the shield so smartly, that the spear snapped short off, and then he struck at Illigos and his blow landed on the shoulder, splitting the collar bone and shoulder blade and Illigos had his death there.

With the death of their leader, the remaining 9 mercenaries surrendered and offered ransom. The fighting in the hall stopped shortly after and the Gwandor tended their wounded.

The Gorde chief and all of his ring and best weapon-thanes had fled when they heard that the Gwandor fyrd was coming and were not found.

They plundered the hall, desecrated the shrine to Yelmalio and then burned the building. They put the dead huscarls' heads on pikes before the walls. They loaded their plunder into wagons and fared back to their own lands.

They took 86 cows, 12 good horses, and 2 wagons loaded with other plunder worth nearly 3,000 silver marks. They had killed 7 Gorde warriors, taken 12 new thralls and collected ransoms worth 100 cows from captured Gorde, and a further 640 marks from the mercenaries. They had lost 3 of their own killed and several wounded.

The Gwandor hailed the successful raid and Argrath was acclaimed a great war-lord. The feasting was merry that night; though the fyrd stayed mobilized a-waiting the Gorde counter strike.

It did not come.

Argrath and Gudny counseled raiding the Gorde steads in Moaning Valley but scouting showed that the Lunars were riding a heavy patrol all over the area seeking a "brigand" band that had raided the Gorde.

When one of these patrols approached the tula they offered to let us search our own lands as long as we sent a "report" to Jarolar's keep. Kulbrast nodded sagely and sent them back with 5 cows and a report stating that no brigands had been found on his land.

Kulbrast shared the spoils of the raid among the clan. Gudny received 3 thralls and 40 cows. Sigmund received a thrall and 30 cows.

The clan resolved to keep a close watch on the Gorde as the presence of mercenaries in their Chief's hall showed that they planned to attack the Gwandor again.

With much to boast about, the clan returned to the fields to catch up on their planting.

The tale now turns to the south. A black cloud was spied flying over the tula. It descended next to Kulbrast's hall and several priests from the Old Wind Temple stepped off. Utguard Cloudstrider, a Storm Walker, and 11 companions had come to see Argrath.

Utguard had been a close friend of Argrath's father and had vowed to help Argrath on his path to his destiny. He gave Argrath much advice and told that the Temple would support Argrath if he could prove his worth. Argrath much prove his descent from the Kodigvari.

Utguard instructed Argrath in the rites of the Hidden King Ring and told him how to quest back into the Storm Age to join the Kodigvari clan.

Another visitor to the Chief was Lord Artamesh again. He brought an Irripi Ontor sage with him from Jonstown. "This sage has a question for you Chief Kulbrast, and be fore-warned that Humakt is watching and will test the truth of your answer." He nodded to the sage to continue.

The sage asked Kulbrast if he knew of the "Argrath Prophesy". Kulbrast truthfully answered that he did not know of it. Artamesh nodded at the sage and they took the fared back to Jonstown.

It must be told that the "Argrath Prophesy" told how a man called "Argrath" would free the Sartari from the Lunars.

Gudny suggested that they fortify Kulbrast's hall and build a stone wall around it. After talking it over, it was decided that the Gwandor would work at building a hill fort large enough to hold the entire clan and the herds. Work was to begin immediately. The Gudny suggested that they hire workmen from the Mostali at Dwarf Mine and that was also agreed upon.

Gudny presented Greiflund his smith with the iron anvil and the tools. He asked Grieflund to hero quest to build him a chain mail byrnie named "Turn Spear", like Orlanth had received from Gustbrand, his smith. Greiflund agreed and set right to work

[1] Trolls are severely allergic to iron. It will kill them if they remain in contact too long.
[2] Lightning bolt.

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March 26, 2001

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