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The Saga of the Gwandorlings - 1


Gudny Stormchaser There was a man named Gudny, known as Stormchaser, son of Bjarn who was slain on the Hill of Orlanth Victorious fighting the Lunars and was the son of Harva Doomteller who was struck down at Boldhome killing Lunars. He dwelt at Gudnystead and had to wife Dorsa Goldsdottir and was never without his ally Shadowstalker, an alynx. Gudny was a mighty thane and a great godi of Orlanth Thunderous and sat on the ring giving much wise counsel to the chief.

Next to Gudnystead was Sigmundglade where dwelt Sigmund Stormsword, follower of Hedkoranth Adventurous. Sigmund and Gudny were fast friends having traversed many leagues and slain many foes together.

It had come to pass that the Gwandor were led by their chief Kulbrast, Offir's son. Kulbrast was a good man, wise and strong, but trapped. When Starbrow's rebellion failed, most of the Gwandor's warriors lay on the field as their spirits passed Daka Fal on their way to Orlanth's great hall. The mighty war clan had been brought low by the Red soldiers and their chaos magics. To save the clan, the women took over and ruled with their majority dragging the fearsome Gwandor away from the status they had held since time began.

It happened that there came to the Gwandor tula a stranger from Heortland, Getig by name bringing news of the wars with the Empire. He wished to address the people so Kulbrast called a Moot to see the will of the clan. Gudny traveled to the Meeting place with Sigmund. Great was the debate 'ere Getig could even be heard.

"Why shalt we waste our time hearing his tale?" asked Menja Boarscar, the Ernaldan on the inner ring.

"Why did we let the Dungbeardling enter our tula?" demanded Killer-Klaeng.

"What we should really be discussing is the allotment of fields for the upcoming season," pointed out Yorden Ironplow, the ring's Barntar representative and Gudny's brother.

"Why are thou so opposed to hearing the man?" asked Gudny. "Are not we men of honour? What has he done to you Klang to make you so wroth?"

"Aye, we are men of honour, but those southerlings know not of honour! When I fought in the south and was taken, did they take my ransom? No. They cut me bleeding feet off and left me in the wood to die! Be off with him I say!"

Sigmund spake, "Yorden, dost not the news from afar have an affect on the crops? Would it be that the Red Empire affects the very weather in its wars?" To which Yorden had no answer.

Forward stepped Argrath, one of Kulbrast's weapons thanes and addressed himself to Menja. "Why are you scared of hearing what he has to speak? Are we not the Gwandor? Dost our foes not quake to see our fyrd? People like you have brought this mighty clan to it's current straights. Our neighbors no longer pay the 7 Tributes but rather they raid us! We are Gwandor! We are mighty! We cannot hide behind the skirts of you women, we will take what was ours again!" Menja could only sputter angrily while the gathering raised a great shout at Argrath's words.

"We shall hear him," said Kulbrast firmly.

Getig brought news of the siege of Whitewall and Lunar plans to celebrate the imminent fall of the city and a request for aid from the Gwandor. "Whitewall needs more men defending it and less men assailing it," he said. He wanted the Gwandor to send men to help defend the city or to rise against the Empire. No braver or hardier people can be found in Quiviniland than the Gwandor, but they had learnt caution in Kallyr's rebellion and choose not to aid Whitewall.

Gudny guested Getig at his stead that night and was gifted with a valuable golden ring. Those of the Gwandor interested in fighting the Empire gathered at Gudnystead with Getig and talked long into the night. Getig told a story of Sartar's lamp and of his Tower in Battle Valley.

Now the Chief had 8 hearth-guards at this time, among them was: Lothar Twinblades, a Humakti Deathlord, Varax, kinsman of Sigmund, an Uroxi Storm khan, Argrath Weaponthane, a follower of Orlanth the Warrior and distant relation to the house of Sartar, and Katla Swiftsword, a Vingan Adventuress.

There was living in the forests of Two Pine-Ridge a Yinkini Shadowbrother and follower of Odayla named Kamour, known as the Shadowstalker.

Gudny, Sigmund, Lothar, Varax, Argrath, Katla, and Kamour decided to secret Sartar's lamp away from the Lunars, and maybe raid their neighbors, the Gorde, for some cows on the way back. For the Gorde had ceased to pay tribute some years ago and had been raiding the Gwandor of late.

Now it must be told how after the Starbrow rebellion, the Culbrea tribe was harshly punished by the Lunar Overlords. Several clans were forced into other tribes and all tribute being payed to the Culbrea was deemed illegal. One of the clans that was moved was the Gorde. The Gorde were as honourable as any in the Quivini lands. Their main worship was of Elmal and they were loyal to the Culbran King as any could be; but, when the Lunars moved them to another tribe, they went willingly. Many of them have even abandoned Elmal and now worship Yelmalio.

Argrath summoned an ancestor to gain knowledge of the tower and the lamp. Jarolar son of Saronil, son of Sartar. Gudny recited this poem for him.

He chased and caught the Copper Deer
He rushed the Red-men and ran them off
He fell at Dwarf-ford fighting the Iron Maidens
Jarolor Longstride joined his sires
in history

Lothar Twinbaldes The hearth-guard Lothar begged the chief's leave to attend to business of a personal matter. The chief knowingly bade him well and hoped that he would deal with this matter "as [he] handled all other matters." Varax begged leave to visit some friends. The chief winked at him and bade him well. "Make sure that these friends are long in forgetting your visit," he said. Argrath begged leave to attend to personal business and Kulbrast bade him deal with this business "most rigorously". Katla begged leave to purchase a horse, Kulbrast said "though, I won't be too surprised if you can-not find one and return rather with a cow."

Gudny performed an Arming of Orlanth before he left but his trickster had hidden his greaves so he could not complete the ceremony.

The group then set off traveling fast on horse, faring first north and then east into Gorde land. Kamour kept them off of well traveled trails and they covered several leagues. As they passed through a heavy copse of trees, they suspected that they were being tracked. Kamour looped back and found a Telmori war-band following them. 8 brutal Telmori warriors and their blood-thirsty wolf-brothers.

The companions made quick preparations to take their stalkers un-awares. Katla sang the Arrow Rain song to Vinga that creates a shower of flights from one shaft. Argrath danced Vingkot's Earth Spear dance which calls spear shafts from under the ground. Gudny called upon Ernelda to bless his shield and called the power of Orlanth's thunder into his spear. Lothar and Kamour chanted the Dervish Blade dirge which allows them to strike multiple foes. Varax swilled the rest of his skin and prepared to call Urox's frenzy. Sigmund called upon Great Weighty to bless his stone.

Katla was the first to loose her shaft. A great swarm of arrows flew from her bow through the woods over the helms of the startled Telmori. Sigmund was next and several cries were heard as his stone dealt several their death wounds. As the first wolf charged across the Earth Spear line it was speared through and left dying on the ground. Lothar was born down by two foes. Kamour was laid low with a savage wound by a wolf. Gudny called the Thunderer's blows down upon their foes but struck none. Argrath laid about himself dealing death. Varax charged the Telmori with the rage of the bull and delivered them their deaths. Soon, the clearing was quiet.

No sooner had the battle ended then a patrol of Lunar cavalry entered the field. Led by Jomes Wulf, they had been hunting the Telmori band. Wulf promised to pay the bounty of a cow for each head and they accepted but for the wolf-brothers. The Gwandor wanted to pelts to take home and show their valour. Jomes made to leave with a warning that they were in Gorde lands and should be busking home. The companions assured him they would be after they had rested from their battle and attended to their wounded fellow.

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March 26, 2001

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