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The Gwandor Campaign


Alfgar Goodspear
King of the Locaem. Declared outlaw by Temertain at the urgings of Tatius. Freed from his imprisonment by the companions son after this treachery. Once back in his own lands he helped form the coalition against the Lunar backed ambitions of Ogunjar Straightarm of Sun County. Since then he has been a staunch ally of Argraths and has sent his son with him to learn the ways of the hero.
Ammund of Goldedge
Factor of the Imperial Trade Mission
This wily Tarshite has gained the valuable Blueberry concession in return for reductions in their tribute. He has friends in the Government of Mrins Cross and is obviously out to enrich himself through the occupation. He is not unusual in this regard.
Ampkin Cats-claw
King of the Tres and priest of Yinkin
Ardon the Sixth
Horali leader of God Forgot
Six centuries old, a powerful warrior of the Brithini. He lead the combat forces of the God Forgot Expedition to aid Lord Ranth
Argrath Maniskisson
Young rebel leader
Met the other Argraths in the great moot at Bullford where he declared himself. His plans and means are unkown.
Argrath Sharpsword
Leader of the Pavis County Orlanthi Rebels

First encountered at the Iron Man rites of Tourney Alter. This powerful warrior and warleader is planning various efforts against the Empire and was overseeing the initiation of several of his warriors into the Iron Man cult. He has several warbands, one of which he called the Sword Brothers.

After saving the Giants cradle from the pillaging efforts of the Empire (1621), Sharpsword was last seen sailing the Cradle out into the Homeward Ocean, his current location is unknown

Argrath Whitebull
Rebel leader
Powerful heroquester and leader of several Praxian warbands dedicated to his personal service or to the defeat of the Empire. He has found and defeated the unifying White Bull spirit and is considered perhaps the greatest warrior and hunter in the wastes. His recent great success was to command a large mixed Praxian army against the Pentan nomads.
Arthag the Urulf
Baron of March

Arthag is a tough man, used to the hardships of frontier living. He is a killer but also a good leader. He is no friend of any man but respects Hurrend and gets along with The Smord for the sake of his people.

Briefly conquered by Lord Guennvar, he is now a loyal servant of Argrath, King of the March.

Barhath Strong-speak
King of the Amad and rebellious leader. he hates Harvar Ironfist
Began Ok
Troll shamaness
Powerful female Dark troll sent by Cragspider to direct the companions in the recovery of the amulet of her lost love on the Plateau of Statues. She left the group after achieving this.
Bodall Kellsson
Once known as the Wit of Boldhome, this subversive fellow was famed for his thesis on "The Instability of Imperial Rule". So unpopular was this work with the Lunar authorities that he faced banishment from the Temple and probably imprisonment. However, he escaped with Gudny Bookburner after Argrath assailed the Royal Palace. He now serves as Gudnys' Sage.
Bork Greatblade
Indrodari High Priest
Champion and lead Humakti of the Indrodari
Boron Alfgarsson
Son of Alfgar Goodspear and hostage to Argraths warband and friendship
Borsanna Blue-eyes
Grub Sister
A beautiful but somewhat deranged nymphomaniac who will bed anyone. Including Varax.
Brendast Turntail
King of the Culbrea
A man of broken courage. King because the Lunars were pleased with his cowardice though in truth he fled because of mighty Lunar fear magic's rather than innate weakness. He seeks to redeem himself while avoiding the mistakes of his predecessors. He wishes the tribe to survive till the time for rebellion is right. To often his hopes have been dashed. He is just and fair, honourable and generous. A good king in troubled times though perhaps too weak for the bloodshed ahead.
Sota's Mastiff
A very rude animal who hates Dara Happans and Orlanthi with equal passion.
Broyan of Whitewall
Rebel leader & King
King of the Volsaxi and powerful leader of most of the Holy Country rebels.
Bund the Axe
Sorangi Warrior
Uroxi warrior and champion axe-thrower of the Sorangi. Defeated in a test of throwing by Sigmund Stormblade of the Gwandor.
Chandon Goldtongue
Goodvoice of the Gorde
A rude and arrogant man who unwisely irritated Argrath. He is a devotee of Doburdan and freely worships in the Shrine to him built in Jarolars Keep. He hates the Gwandor and sees their destruction as a chance for his clan to grow even stronger.
The Firewitch

Demigoddess of Cliffhome and a powerful queendom of Trolls. She has been around for eons, has a dragon as an ally and created the Great Troll sub-race. Is also Mistress of the Pillar of Fire. Her plans are deep and long to reach fruition.

She continues to allow Argrath a base within her lands and asks services of him in return.

Darund Batbane
A new Huscarl in the Gwandor. He led his warband to the Gwandor because his grandfather was of the clan, outlawed for warring against the Gorde. Darund took part in the heroic defence of Whitewall and was one of the few survivors of the attack that drove off the Crimson Bat. Now part of the Chiefs Huscarls, many of his followers have joined the Gestand household.
Dekarn Two-Axe
Warleader of Harvar
Placed in command of the prison that held Orgovalt the Angry, his Wind Lords warband was outclassed by Argraths followers. He was humiliated by the defeat.
Doiban the Serene
Leading monk
Quiet leader of the Dragons rest monastery, a man opposed to violence but one deeply committed to his cause. He is teaching Argrath and others the way of the Left Hand, secrets ancient and mostly lost.
Drath the Grim
Baron of March

Ths most dour family among a hard people. The Grims have been fighting a harsh feud with their neighbours for decades. In many respects they are no better than bandits and Drath makes a profitable living on the side doing just that. Through a secret knowledge of mountain passes, he leads his warriors into Heortland proper and raids the land of the unsuspecting every few years.

He mourns the loss of his enemy and friend, the Knife after they raided Heortland together, allies for the first time. He now rules the entire Redwater Vale and raids the Empire in the name of Argrath.

Praxian warleader
Commanded the mercenaries in Argraths ill-fated expedition into the Wastes and died, like many of his men, in screaming horror in the Krjalki Bog.
Duke Jomes Wulf
Duke of Wulfsland
A brave warleader from Aggar. He unified many disparate groups to fight the Telmori and used Aggari tactics to defeat them. Since then Wulf has ruled lands once belonging to the Maboder tribe. His men are settled there. Recently (1621) he began to muster support to curb renewed Telmori attacks on his people. Many local tribes and warriors look to Wulf not as an Imperial but as a good and trustworthy neighbour.
Edrath the Wise
Chief of the Blueberry clan
A sensible yet honourable chief. Famous for his generosity and good cheer, he is also conscientious and caring of his people.
Erdhar Nohorse

Powerful warleader and chieftain of the Firebull clan. After siding with the companions against the Imperial surveying mission, his clan has suffered greatly. The survivors are outlawed and exiled from their own lands and Erdhar leads them in desperate times, but with no regret for his actions.

He is famed for having a Geas to ride no horses but has a powerful Sylph who carries him better than any four-legged steed.

Erdhar has been on several quests with Argrath and has mastered a Sky Bull. He moved his entire people to the Sky Bull Vale where they are settling, thanks to Argrath.

Fedrin Stormguard
Defender of the sacred path to the Old Wind Temple
Fjenth the Smord
Baron of March

A trader by inclination. This wily fellow has foiled numerous raids on his people by the glibness of his tongue and the sharpness of his bargaining mind and magics. the Praxian traders often visit him and he helps them find goods they would otherwise lack. Covertly he also helps several groups raid his fellow barons by giving them information in return for being left alone.

He is now a loyal servant of Argrath, mostly.

Forang Forosh
Dragon expert
This man is a mysterious survivor of the EWF period. He has great knowledge in many lost skills, lore's and histories. He lives in the inn of Tink and sells his knowledge to maintain his lifestyle.
Fronthier Highvalley
Giant of the Highvalley, trapped for eternity by Vadrus, freed by the friends. As a thank you for his release he gave the High Valley to Argrath and named Gudny Giantfriend.
Frundig the Loyal
Warleader of Prince Temertains' Household
A Sartarite who has sworn loyalty to the Philosopher King. He is considered a wise Judge and has won respect for his fairness in most suites. He is under orders from his Prince to bring peace to the lands by enforcing the edict against tribal warfare. This he is doing with diplomacy, kind words and force if need be.
Gendle Edrathsshield
Huscarl of the Blueberry. Follower of Orlanth the Warrior who leapt in front of a Lunar spear in 1613 and lost half his face to the blow. He still wears the scar as a sign of his Loyalty.
Gestand the Stubborn
Household head of the Gwandor
Once a Dundealos tribesman, this tough thane led his surviving folk as a wandering band for several years before settling with the Gwandor who welcomed him to their underpopulated Tula. Gestand is now head of a new Household of around 40 men, women and children. He came to the Gwandor because Orlanth spoke to him saying - "The flame flickered among the Gwandor - blow on it to fan its fury."
Getig Kingsvoice
Rebel leader

Sent by Broyan of Whitewall to summon support for his war against the Empire. Getig is an honest Orlanthi seeking aid in turbulent times. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Later sent by Broyan to Argrath in the Marches to request aid against the Imperial troops invading Hendrikilands. His efforts at diplomacy helped Argrath's generosity greatly

Geyd the Stern
Leader of the Closed Storm faction
Glowing Eyes
Tailed Priest
Once the teacher of Bronqyn during the height of the EWF, this mighty Dragonewt no longer teaches his ways to humans, limited as they are. He still sees Bronwyn in a fond light, as fond as a Dragonewt can be that is.
Gudmund Bloodaxe
Head of the Uthdar Household of the Gwandor. A violent warrior of Orlanth and good friend of Kulbrasts'.
Knight of the Rokari Faith
Defeated in the border marches by Argrath Dragonfriend
Gurthah Ironleg
Gurthah Ironleg
Leader of a warband encountered in the wastes in a Morocanth trading post. He led the companions to Only Safe and joined the attack on Than Ulbar where he was sorely wounded.
Chief of the Sorangi clan, this bluff warriors showed great hospitality and wrestling skills to defeat Argrath and win his friendship.
Hamdir Hardbargain
Issaries trader

One the Issaries of the Gwandor ring but was outlawed with several of his household for the wrongful use of the Gwandor house in Jonstown to line his own pockets rather than enriching the clan. He is a pro-lunar and now certainly anti-Gwandor.

Killed by Argrath for his treacherous part in the slaying of Kulbrast and his wife.

Harron Toothtorc
Household warrior of Duke Wulfs'
A deadly fighter from Vanch. He is Wulfs' right-hand man in negotiations and battle. He has the canine teeth of eighteen wolfbrothers that he personally dispatched as a sign of his prowess around his neck. He spends much time rallying local clans against the Telmori threat.
Hsan Greathorn
Yak Hsunchen
Leader of the yak Hsunchen of the region around Dragon Rest. Once persecuted by kao Lu, he is now a free leader, thanks to Argrath
Haut Thoromsson
Huscarl for the Gwandor and Brother of Hring. He is a Gwandori Humakti
Master poet and singer of the Sorangi, defeated by Gudny in a mighty test of Sagaskill.
Hresdan the Relentless
Centurion of the Antelope Lancers
A famous Lunar solider, who has fought his way across Dragon Pass. Known for his hatred of barbarians of all sorts. Possibly due to his own, unknown, but clearly humble origins. His name comes from his style of battle which never lets a foe rest.
Hring Thoromsson
Huscarl for the Gwandor. Brother of Haut. He is Orlanth the Warrior.
Hurred the Drayce
Lord of Drayce Hold

The second most powerful baron and the most respected. He currently leads the council of barons and goes by the title of March Lord, even though his seat of power in Knight Fort is held by the Rokari.

Joined Argraths cause and was a key man in overthrowing the Rokari repression. Serves as March Lord while Argrath is away.

Idar Wendsson
Gorde Huscarl and son of Wend the Northron. Also follows the Bigger Wind.
Irkendor the Knife
Baron of March

A barony of warriors, who live by the knife. They are specialists at knife fighting but use any weapon that comes to hand. They hate the Grims from force of habit but hate outsiders and foreigners even more.

After fighting loyally for Argrath he was killed raiding into Heortland by Lord Trearn of Lorg after he had slaughtered the Lords brother personally.

Irun First-Wise
Ruler of the EWF survivors in Dead Bottom. Died when the Cosmotic Sceptre was removed from his hands by Argrath's magic. His people died with him.
Jafoksor Trolltalker
King of the Torkani
A peaceful man worried about the growing power of Harvar Ironfist. In 1622 he agreed terms of peace in return for tribute to Harvar to give him time to build allies and prepare his defences.
Jethra Bluefingers
Ernalda Priestess of the Blueberry
This woman cultivates and maintains the Blueberry crops that give her clan its wealth. Naturally she is opposed to any acts which might harm them - such as wars, raids etc.
Joban Standsaddle
Pol Joni warleader of the Arrowmane clan

A powerful warleader of the Pol Joni, who raided the Gorde and the Empire. He is famed for the feat of standing on his saddle while at full gallop and emptying a quiver of arrows into a fixed target.

He befriended Argrath and Gudny after they aided him in his quest.

Troll Master Hunter
The Master Hunter of the Sazdorf follows Zong, Uz god of Hunting. He is a good friend of the Gwandor and has travelled to their tula on several occasions. He dislikes the haughty hunters from the Gorde clan.
Joysan Herband
Husband of Orena
He also tried to persuade the Gwandor to reject the dangerous bandage roller who rejects the total mercy of Chalana Arroy.
Kallyr Starbrow
Queen of the Kheldon
Leader of perhaps the strongest "Argrath" faction. She has many allies and is remembered for her near success in the 1613 rebellion.
Kao Lu
Warlord of Black Iron
Powerful mystical warrior, defeated by Argraths followers in a great battle. He once ruled the lands around the Dragons Rest monastery but is now exiled once more by Argrath after he swore never to fight him again.
Kelkor Memes
Commander of Jarolars Keep
A Vanchite soldier of the Provincial Army. He is known to be above respect for the clans around him but not above a little bribery or extortion.
Kettil Black-fur
Baboon Alpha
Leader of a baboon band sent to help Argrath by the Monkey King. He finds his foreign ways very odd and amusing.
Killer Klaeng
Thane of the Klaeng Household
A violent man, known for the fourteen deaths in feud and raid attributed to him. After a terrible torture at the hands of southern warriors, he was never the same. Since then he has become brooding and full of hate.
Kirvandar Streetscar
Champion and hero of the Empire, this Glamour gladiator used his awesome fighting skills to earn his freedom and a powerful position in the Emperors elite force of troubleshooters and firefighters.
Kjal Beastbane
Leader of the Old Storm faction
Kjallar Skyshied
Huscarl of the Blueberry. Raincaller of Heler.
Koldor the Staunch
Gorde Huscarl of Elmal. Loyal to his chief but increasingly displeased with his clan's religious leanings. Eventually left his clan in disgust and took his family into outlawry.
Kordur the Orrin
Baron of March

A wealthy Baron, aided by his control over the crab fishing along the coastal flats. His lands are otherwise good for cattle but little else. However, the wealth he has accumulated has led him to many pretensions and projects. He intends to build up an army of well turned out warriors and Knights,. recruited from the Aeolian church.He also intends to settle another village on the flats to increase his holdings. He has not been raided heavily as yet and is simply to preoccupied to bother about Hurreds concerns.

The war with the Rokari and the depredations of Ranth have made him a firm supporter of Argraths unified rule.

Kortag Three-tusk
Zorak Zoran Deathlord
A warleader of the Zorak Zorani in Troll Woods. Allied with the companions after Ogunjar took the spear of Palangio from his care during a heroquest. The trolls retaliated by enacting the Arkat Eats Iron Vrok quest which Ogunjar left himself open to by assuming the role of Palangio. He has also helped the companions after the abduction of Sota Lightbringer. Sota's mastiff, Bronze Bender, stayed with him till the companions arrived to help free Sota.
Troll trader
Argan Argar trader for the Sazdorf clan. He is a friend of Gudnys and seeks trade with the Gwandor.
Kuchjan Harder then Iron
Black Iron Adept
Deadly warrior of the Black Iron who was so hard that he could smash granite and so tough that he could tunnel into rock. He was shattered by Sigmunds Little Weighty.
Kulbrast Offirson
Chief of the Gwandor

A bulky warrior of grim mien, Kulbrast is trapped in a political nightmare. He struggles to aid his clan yet knows that he cannot act as his instincts tell him or they will be destroyed. Although he bides by the dishonourable peace and pays a shameful tribute, Kulbrast looks for ways of keeping his clans famous name, their lives and their wealth untouched. Successfully lead the clan to victory against the Gorde.

Slain by his Gorde enemies in his sleep using a foul quest of Vadrus to effect entry.

Grub Sister
Grouchy old woman, head of the Grub Sisters.
Lord Artamesh of Spol
Special servant of the Empire

This superb warrior follows the Carmanian Humakt as well as some dark gods of his family's homeland. He is a fire fighter for the Empire, tasked with rooting out and destroying trouble wherever he finds it or even suspects it exists. Not only is he deadly in battle and puissant in magic but he also has the cunning mind of the trader and the wiles of a politician. Truly a dangerous man.

His first major act on arrival in the region, has been the killing of Orgumleide the Sinew in personal combat and the unification of the Jonstown and Death Hollow temples under his control.

Lorgor the Vrance
Baron of March

Lorgor is reclusive, quiet and some say mad. They are not far from correct. Lorgor worships his ancestors who were likewise afflicted and spends much of his time with them in the crypts beneath his hold. Lorgor has only been raided lightly and resents being disturbed from his meditations by the dictates of other and their petty worries.

Later executed by Argrath for treason after he sided with Lord Ranth. His lands were taken over by Sota Lamplighter.

Lurtah Bloodspear
Khan of the Bison folk
Leader of a strong tribe, he tried to extort tribute from Argrath Dragonfriend but was balked by the arrival of Whitebull who soon put the Khan in his place.
Mao Chen
The Dragons Claw
Leading mystical warrior of the Dragons Claw style in the Dragons Rest monastery. Nearly killed by Kao Lu in the final climactic battle.
Marren Gorren
Talar of God Forgot
Leader of the expeditionary force sent to aid Lord Ranth in his bid for the ruler of the Border Marchers. Marren agreed to terms with Argrath after Ranth was defeated.
Meadhall Anstaf
Huscarl of the Blueberry. Orlanth the Warrior and famous drunkard and womaniser.
Meddar Hransson
Huscarl of the Blueberry. A follower of Orlanth the Warrior and famed for his great strength.
Mendeh Blackskin
Grub Sister
An odd woman, with strangely burnt skin - the tale she tells is that when her Khan father died in the Devils Marsh, she was aiding him in ritual. He was burnt to death by a chaos monster and she paid the price for her helping him.
Menja Boarscar
Ernalda of the Gwandor
A strong and powerful woman named for the ferocious scars she earned from a wilderness encounter. She is bound and determined to keep the clan alive and council's peace even at the expense of honour if it will keep doom away from Gwandori steads for another season.
Merdil Wyrmquil
Deceased Scholar of all things Wyrmish

The writer of Argrath's incomplete map of the Other Side that supposedly shows the way to the EWF war banner. Later encounters proved the scholar alive and well and working for Cragspider in her voluminous library. He is cataloguing EWF documents and also working with Argrath Dragonfriend.

He has been central in the discovery of the EWF war banner and joined the mighty quest across the wastes to recover it. He is becoming the most Dragon-knowing of the Sartari.

Survivor from the EWF expedition into the wastes. He was swallowed by a serpent and released into the arms of the companions. He has since become a follower of Bronwyns.
Neston Hollowdancer
Convert to Orlanth Thunderous
Once a famous Snakepipe Hollow tracker and a staunch devotee of the Bigger Wind, Neston unwisely argued faith with Gudny and came up short. He converted to Orlanth after a moment of realisation and now sees his salvation in following Gudny to death and beyond if need be.
Nordon the Ranth
Baron of March

A enemy of Hurred. Nordon has the largest barony and the greatest access to the markets of Heortland and Mt Passant. Nordon is actually consulting with the leaders of God Forgot. He intends to support their invasion, receive aid and march on Knight Fort to take command there. He then intends to backstab the God Forgoti.

Later captured and the executed after his plans were foiled at the Battle of Coudy Vale.

Ogunjar Straightarm
Ex-Count of Sun County

Powerful warleader and collaborator with the Lunars. Ogunjar sees the Empires presence as a chance to increase his lands. He is supported in his plans by the Templars but many of the prieshood and peasantry oppose his draining policies. Sota Lightbringer has openly defied him on several occasions.

With the defeat of his armed invasion of Lismelder and Locaem tribal lands and the return of Fazzur, his power has declined. The effort had been costly and so total was its defeat that Sota gained much support for his opposition to Ogunjar.

Recently (1622) he was overthrown by Sota Lamplighter after his aborted attempt to kill the priest (foiled by Argrath band). Fleeing north with the hardiest of his followers, he has joined his old friend, Harvar Ironfist and is building a new town for his troops and people at Alda-Chur.

Old Tidder
Beggar of Bullsford
An old man with no legs who begs at the city gates. He sees much and was very useful to Bronwyn in providing information on the people in the city for the Great Moot.
Ordar Shameblade
Humakti warrior
Once champion of the Malani, he lost his blade to a trickster named Noh, follower of Gudny Bookburner. He was shamed for his loss and was outlawed from his people to seek vengeance on Gudy. Finally he met Gudy while upon a great quest where he died under the magics of the cowardly Bookburner who refused to fight with his sword. His family and clan accepted Weregeld but the Malani never forget a slight.
Orena Maliabane
Chalana Arroy healer
This woman tried to stop the Gwandor taking in Voydag. Argrath ignored her and took violent Voydag as his wife.
Orik Rastalsson
Lord of Ranth
Appointed from the warband after saving Argrath life from foes in battle.
Orgovalt the Angry

Once and important weaponthane of the Tres tribal king, Orgovalt was outlawed due to his continued support for rebellion against Harvar Ironfist. Orgovalt continued to cause problems for Harvar even after his outlawry by forming rebel bands and raiding his foes. Hunted by Triolf the Fist, Orgovalt escaped the destruction of his band and fled to Alone where he hid under the noses of his enemies. There, he met Argrath and Gudny and agreed to serve their cause. Swiftly he mustered a powerful rebel band in lands granted him by Cragspoder at the behest of the Argrathi. A new clan was formed - the Orgovalti - and they have grown in numbers as rebels and outlaws reach their place of safety.

Captured by Harvar, Orgovalt was freed, though suffered tortures and mind affecting magics at the hands of the evil King.

Orgumleide the Sinew

This powerful warrior is the head of the Gwandor household, clan champion, member of the ring, tribal champion and head of the Death Hollow temple to Humakt and Gwandor. Mostly he attends kings business but he is loyal to his clan and household. Orgumleide is grey and gnarled with age though his iron gaze and strong step remains undiminished.

Killed in a Humakti duel by the Imperial Champion, Artamesh of Spol. Orgumleide was simply too old to defeat the younger man but did cut off his hand before he fell beneath his sword.

Orostolf Wulfbiter
Huscarl of the Blueberry clan. Humakti warrior who also follows Gwandor. He is named after his sword, an heirloom item from his famous Grandfather - Ulf Scoreskins, a renowned killer of Telmori.
Osben the Thren
Baron of March

A strong baron, this lordly mans family held the March Lord position a generation ago and he firmly believes that he should have it again. He hates the Rokari but lives with them out of need. He is no friend of Hurreds though and would seek to replace him as leader of the Baronial Council when he can.

He saw his lands sacked and much of his wealth destroyed in the war against the Roakri but has sworn fealty to Argrath.

Osteric Openhand
Chief of the Gahagar clan of the Torkani and first of his tribe to welcome the companions into Torkani lands.
Paedur Redgold
Chief of the Gorde clan

A follower of the Bigger Wind and possibly Doburdan and Yelmalio. A traitor to Orlanth and a terrible chief who has led his people to infamy and impiety.

After killing Kulbrast of the Gwandor with a Vadrus quest, Paedur was defeated and removed from power by the Ring of his clan. He since left his, whereabouts unkown.

Quern No-legs
Facilitator of Barbarian Town
Leader of the settled peoples of the area on the Sounders vale and liaison between the Pol Joni and their subjects.
Randver Battlespeak
A tough man, of terse demeanour that knows the laws of Orlanth, Vingkot and Heort better than any in the Gwandor clan.
Rark Ironbear
Storm Khan
Leader of the Block Storm Bull berserks. He is a friend of Gudny's and has aided them on a couple of occasions.
Knight of the Rokari Faith
Killed by Sota Lamplighter at the battle of Castle valley. His defeat at the hands of forces loyal to Argrath Dragonfriend changed the situation in the Border Marches severely and led to the removal of Rokari influence on the people there.
King of the Sambari and though a hater of the Empire, he was forced to exile the entire Firebull clan or see his tribe suffer the same fate as the Dundealos. He has not forgotten this humiliation, nor will he. Ever.
Rynd Redfir
King of the Bachad and staunch warrior of Elmal.
Seric of Jonstown
Death Hollow High Priest
The appointee of Artamesh to the post of Death Hollow priest. He is a Sartarite by birth though a townsman in attitude and experience. He follows orders from Artamesh.
Sir Fennan
Mercenary Knight
Commander of the Free Artillery, a small unit of specialist engineers, once working for Lord Guennvar, now working for Argrath Dragonfriend.
Sir Thorarir
First Knight of Drayce
A brave and noble warrior who has served his lord and Argrath well in battle and on great quests. He is an Aeolian and venerates Saint Orlanthi the Knight.
Sir Benthor
Exiled Noble
Once a powerful Knight in Carmania, he fell into political disgrace due to his overt and full worship of the Darkness, rather than the light to the point of spurning the Goddess. He was settled in Prax, where his family were slain by Vurthan Battlemood. Avenged, he is now one of Jomes Wulfs leading men. He is a Gwandor friend of sorts, though often intolerably rude and arrogant.
Sister Gera
Lunar Seven Mothers Priestess
A would-be martyr who attempted to convert the gathering at the Great Moot of Bullford to the Lunar Way and expected to be slain for her trouble to create a martyr for the cause. Argrath saw through her plans and had her thrown out of the city.
Sota Lampighter
High Priest of Yelmalio
This great hero of his cult has undergone terrible tribulations in the prosecution of his faith. He has successfully withstood the machinations of Ogunjar Straightarm and now leads his people in triumph, to a new era. He is allied with Argrath to whom he owes many favours. He is forming a new Sun County in the Border Marches to aid Argrath and to provide new lands for his prolific people.
Steadburner Onund
Head of the Jarasolf Household of the Gwandor. In his youth he burnt four steads of the Durtorae in one raid and has talked of little else since.
The Twisted One
Black Elf
A strange black elf who cultivates the mushroom fields of the Biggle Stone Oasis. He predicted a powerful future for Argrath Vingkotsson.
Thordah Spawn-Slayer
Storm Khan
Most powerful Khan of Only Safe. He helped the Companions in their efforts to scale the Plateau of Statues and then asked a boon in return. With his entire band they assailed Than Ulbar to reduce the chaos there. He gifted the companions well for their efforts.
Torog Blackwolf
Telmori Champion
Sworn follower and bodyguard to Argrath. Recently took part in a heroquest where he battled a massive two-headed Wolf. Torog took the scrotum of the dead beast for unkown ritual purposes.
Torrig Quickblood
Huscarl of the Blueberry and fiery tempered Humakti warrior. Was a great friend of Orgumleides'.
Once the Stickpicker of the Gwandor clan, this brave soul joined Argrath and his companions in their Outlawry. Fate was not with him however, for he was killed in battle by the mace of a Shargashi berserker.
Torthus Seventh-seventhed
Rashoranic Mystic

A magician of unparalleled power from an obscure Imperial mystical path. He led the Imperial Survey mission and defeated the Firebull singlehanded. He only fled the scene of battle when his side was driven to rout and he fought alone. Present whereabouts unknown but he is certainly a powerful mover and shaker within the Imperial organisation.

He also participated in the Imperial attack on the rebel gathering at Bullford. He was so dangerous that only the hardiest rebels could stand against him, yet even they could not kill him.

Telmori warrior
Commander of the rebellious Kings Guard of the Telmori tribe who sided with Argraths royal blood in vengeance for the humiliation Temertain unleashed upon the Telmori at the behest of Tatius the Bright.
Triolf the Fist
Warlord of Harvar Ironfists'

While Harvar is Iron, this man is his Fist. Triolf is a powerful warrior with few peers. He serves his master with hound-like loyalty and is always accompanied by thirty warriors of the Bigger Wind. He led the assault on Alone and has personally dispatched over twenty "rebels".

Is currently the Warlord of Alone, acting to control rebel activity in the region. He took part in the killing of Kulbrast and was leader of the abortive move on the Lismelder in the Outlaws war.

He is manifesting strong storm powers of an unkown nature. He used them to defeat BlackCloud, Gudnys allied Vadrudi spirit.

Tuthick Brokenclaw
Morocanth trader
Wily trader who squeezed Argrath dry in the Wastes when he provided mounts and provisions for the rest of their journey.
Uprag Krise
High Shaman of the Pol Joni
Very strong, ancient shaman of the Pol Joni, with a strong following of other shamans in the Sounders Vale region.
Deranged shaman of the High Llama people. Met the friends on their first quest to find Sartars lamp and retrieve it from Vurthan Battlemood. He since met Argrath in the Wastes where he proved to be equally deranged.
Utguard Cloudstrider
Hero of old Wind
The powerful leader of the Far Storm faction of Old Wind. He leads his band to aid those who fight the Empire. Currently Argrath Dragonfriend is his chosen leader for the rebellion. Urdhar is centuries old and has heroquested many times. He well on the way to becoming a minor deity at Old Wind.
Uthi the Sylph
Huscarl of the Blueberry. A young warrior of Orlanth who is known to be friendly with all air elementals and can summon huge ones to his aid if needed.
Utmesshi Four-spears
Agimori leader
Encountered in the wastes hunting for Cwin-spawn.
Lhankor Mhy Sage
Gudny's Uncle and a powerful Sage in the Jonstown Temple. Vistol has helped Argrath on a couple of occasions and is an enemy of the Empire, if a covert one.
Vobeck the Younger
Zzaburi of God Forgot
Only 300 years old, this young mage was struck numb by Sigmunds rock at the Battle of Cloudy Vale which saw the end of Lord Ranth's ambitions.
Voydag Bethansdotter
Dovildan Bandage Roller

Also known as the Throatslicer or Bloodyhand, this hard woman was husband to Illig Blacktrews of the Gorde. Illig was outlawed then killed when he resisted the new chief and called him a craven and liar. She hates the Gorde and has allied with their enemies - the Gwandor - on the recommendation of King Brendast. She has now married Argrath as equal wife and supports him in his plans to destroy the Gorde.

Voydag currently lives with the Orgovalti, serving as their healer. Her husband is away on his Wyrd but they are destined to meet again soon.

Has joined Argrath in his great quest across the wastes.

Vridal Elmalstrue
Huscarl of the Blueberry. Once of the Gorde clan, this warrior came to the Blueberry to escape the corruption of their ways after he spoke against the current chief. He is a true Elmali and does not hold with the Yelmalians at all.
Vurthan Battlemood
Gargarthi Heroquester
A powerful hero of Gargarth, once an Orlanthi chief, now a notorious outlaw. Vurthan is a foe of everyone and revels in his infamy. In troubled times men like him grow strong and flourish. He was last seen on a heroquest of Gargarth and had joined the Wild Hunt itself for a time. Current plans and location unknown.
Wend the Northron
Gorde Huscarl and follower of the Bigger Wind. Originally from Ironspike.
Weren the Stollberg
Baron of March
Weren is a stalwart man of aging years. He loves his stark lands and often walks them alone. A passionate man who was once wronged by the Orrins and has not forgotten the slight. He has pushed their relationship to feud level on several occasions.
Writh the Brone
Baron of March
A strong warleader, the Brone has suffered heavily from Praxian raids. His friendship with Weren the Stollberg has helped the two barons survive the ordeal but they are supporting Hurreds move to seek outside help. They dislike Nordon as they consider him no real border baron at all.
Yondast Goldfeather
Yelmalian Priest
Priest of Yelmalio and ally of Sota Lightbringer. He was the first contact that Gudny had with the Yelmalian priesthood which lead to a successful meeting with Sota
Yorden Ironplow
Brother of Gudny Stormchaser - this stalwart of Orlanthi society is parochial, stubborn and pedantic but is the best farmer in the clan. He will fight any foe that threatens their livelihoods and councils caution instead of the headstrong ways of the warrior.
Yurgwah Redspear
Sept leader of the High Llama tribe

A warrior of the Gyaldo clan of the High Llama people. He is a sworn enemy of Vurthan Battlemood and joined the Gwandori in a blood oath to complete the outlaw's destruction. He has also pledged friendship to the Gwandor.

He met the companions in the Wastes and helped them overcome thirst and hunger as well as many foes.



November 26, 2002

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