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The Imperial Order of Battle at Pennel Ford.

Jorad Sideburn

Commander of the Army of Esrolia and senior Provincial Army General in Dragon Pass. Jorad is a protegee of Fazzur Wideread, but survived the purge of Fazzurs supporters by Tatius by building a working rapport with the haughty Dara Happan and by the simple expedient of being damn good at his job, yet politically inactive.

Jorad is keen to seek honest battle. He dislikes siege and has his experiences of Whitewall to reinforce that dislike. His tactical approach will be to use his superior durability and tactical cohesion to disrupt the rebel host until they can be destroyed by judicious application of reserves. He will use magic to enhance the disruption of their formations and will target, using backup from the assembled magicians at the RM site to take out potential threats.

Corp designations:

HC = Heartland Corp
CC = Cavalry Corp
PA = Provincial Army (A = Argar, E = Esrolia, H = Holay, T = Tarsh)
MC = Magical College
SA = Sister's Army
IB = Imperial Bodyguard

The Army of Esrolia

Name Type Quality Size Corp
Typical Herowars Abilities
Bell Temple HC Regular B 450 PA(H)
Lance charge 3w, Reform 16, Charge magic 18
Doblian Dogeaters LMI Regular B 900 HC
Close Combat 10w, Javelin 5w, Dog battle magic 5w
Goldedge Foot MI Regular C 900 PA(T)
Close combat 19, March in step 15, Magic 18
Green Bows LI Irregular C 900 PA(T)
Archery 3w, Earth arrow magic 18
Jasper Phalanx HI Regular B 900 HC
Close combat 10w, Steady 10w, March in step 5w, Hoplite magic 5w
Goldwave MC Regular C 500 CC
Spear and shield 5w, Loose order to close order 5w, Cavalry magic 16
Earth Axes MI Regular C 900 SA
Axe & shield 2w, Earth formation 5w, Earth magic 18
3rd Thunder Delta Slingers LI Irregular B 800 HC
Sling 5w, Thunderflint magic 5w
Grim Soldiers HI Regular A 200 IB
Close combat 5w2, Iron steadfastness 10w, Death magic 5w, War magic 5w
Folorn Hope LMI Irregular C 900 HC
Close combat 16, Fearless charge 18
Gemline Watch LMI Regular B 600
Loose order combat 5w, Bravery 5w, Highlander magic 5w
Karse Spears MI Regular D 800 PA(E)
Close combat 17, Hold formation 16, Magic defence 16
Choralinthor Archers Archers Regular D 500 PA(E)
Archery 18, Marine combat 16, Boating 16
Mirinite Lancers MC Regular C 500 PA(H)
Lancer combat 5w, Loose order to close order 5w, Cavalry magic 18
Antelope Sabres MC Regular B 500 CC
Sabre combat 15w, Ferocious 10w, Stubborn 5w, Sable magic 5w
Torangi Learned Few Mages Regular C 50 MC
Lunar sorcery 5w2, Close combat 18
Sun Bringers Mages Regular B 50 MC
Yelmic magic 5w2, Close combat 18
Doblian Minor Class Mages Regular C 100 MC
Lunar sorcery 5w2

Red Earth Alliance

Hendiras' Axe Guard HI Irregular A 500 Allies
Close combat 5w2, Babeester magic 5w
Kosh City Muster MI Regular D 1000 Allies
Close combat 17, Formation 15

Queen Varadis Loyalists

Varadis Blade Sisters HI Irregular B 200 Allies
Close combat 18w, Babs magic 2w
Loyal Earth Spears MI Regular D 1400 Allies
Close combat 17, Formation 15
Total 13550

Allied OB

March 27, 2001

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