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The Army of Freedom's Order of Battle at Pennel Ford.

Harrek the Berserk

Though of legendary foul temper, Harrek is a cunning war chief. However his penchant for being in the front line makes him a poor general. His favoured tactic is to use himself and his elite boon companions as the tip of the Wolf Pirate wedge, to crack the enemy line, find the enemy commander and kill him.

Harrek sports w5 in many skills and his boon companions, around 30 strong, are in the w3 range in most of their war skills.

Argrath Sharpsword

Bitter and hard, Sharpsword is the brains of the Wolf Pirate effort. He is cautious, ruthless and efficient and his main tactical approach to the battle will be to assail the weakest lunar units, while holding with the shield wall.

Dordaraso the Swimmer

Quiet warrior lord who is here to resist Lunar encroachment of Esrolia. He is steadfast and sensible

Yord Greymanesson

Leader of the Ditali, Yord has recently been seduced by a Lunar agent and she has persuaded him to treachery.

The Army of Freedom

Name Type Quality Size
Typical Herowars Abilities
Maniskisson's Warband LMI Irregular C 1000
Close combat 2w, Orlanthi magic 18
Broyan's Warband LHI Irregular B 500
Close combat 10w, Orlanthi magic 10w, Steadfast 5w
Kallyr's Warband LHI Irregular B 500
Close combat 6w, Orlanthi magic 5w, Vicious 5w
Warm Earth Axes LHI Irregular A 500
Close combat 5w, Babeester magic 5w
Warm Earth Spear Elite MI Irregular C 2000
Close combat 20, Formation 18, Defensive magic 18
Rokari Knights HK Irregular B 500
Charge 5w2, Close combat 5w, Resist magic 5w, Toughness 20
Rokari Crossbow Sergeants MI Regular B 200
Crossbow 5w, Close combat 18
Rokari Spear Sergeants MI Regular C 300
Close combat 17, Steady 17, Peity 17
Dordarasos Spear LMI Irregular C 2000
Close combat 17, Formation 17, Dervish charge 17
Caladraland Skirmishers LI Irregular C 1000
Javelins 17, Close combat 13, Find cover 17
Harrek's Wolf Pirates LMI Irregular B 800
Close combat 15w, Berserker fury 10w, Resist magic 10w
Sharpsword's Warband LMI Irregular B 250
Close combat 10w, Bitter strength 10w
Dragonfriend's Warband HI Irregular B 250
Close combat 10w, Steadfast 5w, Orlanthi magic 10w
Knight Fort Cavalry HK Irregular B 500
Charge 15w, Close combat 10w, Steady 5w, Aeolian magic 5w
Ditali Warband LMI Irregular C 1000
Close combat 20, Warlike 20, Orlanthi magic 18
Warlord's Guard HI Regular B 500
Close combat 15w, Grim mien 15w, Repulse charge 18w
Rhigos Select Muster MI Regular C 2000
Close combat 20, Formation 18, Defensive magic 18
Total 13600

Imperial OB

March 27, 2001

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