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The Imperial Order of Battle at Milran.

Artamesh of Spol

Assigned to command the Army of Heortland after Jorads defeat (Jorad has been relieved of his Imperial duties and is currently aiding the Tarsh army fight of Grazer rebels) by Tatius due to political pressure from the Heartlands. Artamesh has no illusions over his position, Tatius has sent Yeremzash the Upright, one of his loyal retainers, as assistant to the new General of the Army. Yeremzash is a political officer, of Polaris and is a master strategist. He has served the house of Tatius for three decades in war and dislikes the warrior ethos of Artamesh intensely.

Artamesh has an agenda that would dsiturb the Imperials if they knew it. He wishes to return to the Empire, in fact he wishes to return to an Empire riven by war. The current conquests of the Empire have provided his Brotherhood with some conquest but also a great deal of scrutiny. Artamesh is playing a long term game and wishes to see a defeat on the borders lead to a collapse of Imperial control. With that, he may well attain his goal and see the Dark Blades lose in the heartlands once more.

To that end, Artamesh has decided to lead his army into defeat. With Yeremzash as his “advisor”, he can only do this covertly, but if it is achieved, he will be able to achieve the double blow of damaging the House of Tatius and causing a great Imperial defeat.

Yeremzash the Upright

A brilliant general of manouvre who despises the cruelty and warrior ethos of Artamesh of Spol. He is a firm believer in yelmic justice and upholds the precepts brilliantly. So powerful is his appreciation of the Law of Yelm that he can deflect most magical attacks with his purity alone.

His plan, as approved by Tatius, is to draw Broyan and as many allies as possible into a trap. The army he has prepared is strong, but not so strong as to make the rebels avoid combat. However, he intends to use the anvil of his army as a lure for the hammer of Chaos that the Queen of Jab and the Eyzaal Sorcerers plan to release from the Print.

He has no idea of the plans of Artamesh of Spol.

Gagix Two-barb – Scorpion Queen of Jab

The ruthless and magically powerful Queen of Jab has built a chaos kingdom from nothing. Her raiding has proven effective and he power has grown large enough to concern even the Imperials. However, she knows that without the Imperial presence she will eventually succumb to a united Heortland and will ally against Broyan for that reason.

She has a group of Imperial Eyzaal Sorcerers with her, serving as aids and as advisors. They are also working to their own research ends and attempting to craft spells of control over her Entropic energy. Should they achieve this, and they are close, then she will be completely malleable to their wishes.

Norvok the Short

A stout man from a fishermans family in Joranit. He was washed ashore on the Isle of Experiements after his father boat sank and has served Eyzaal ever since. He is a deadly sorcerer with tremendous control over Entropy.

Bossik Burninghand

Prime Mage of Makabeaus and Lord of the Great Heat. This powerul sorcerer spent most of his life on the Cold Line in Erigia and is no stranger to hardship. He has a permanently burning left hand which he covers with a flame retarding glove. In battle he removes this and can summon the fires of Elemental heat. His band of followers are experts in all types of fire elementals and in combat they have flaming hair and burnt faces from the magics their weild. Yeremzash intends to unleash the elemental attack of Bossiks Salamanders as a special weapon.

Corp designations:

HC = Heartland Corp
CC = Cavalry Corp
PA = Provincial Army (A = Argar, E = Esrolia, H = Holay, T = Tarsh, V = Vanch)
MC = Magical College
SA = Sister's Army
IB = Imperial Bodyguard

The Army of Heortland

Name Type Quality Size Corp
Typical Herowars Abilities
Yeremzash House Troops HI Regular A 100 House
Close Combat 5w2, House loyalty 5w2, Urivarinus magic 10w
Artamesh's Dark Blades KK Irregular A 100 House
Close combat 5w2, Death magic 15w, Fearless 15w, Intimidate 5w
Drenthi Grims Highlanders Irregular B 800 PA(A)
Close Combat 5w, Fight in rough 5w, Courage under fire 18, Orlanthi magics 15
Lowland Horse MC Regular C 350 PA(A)
Wave charge 5w, Reform 5w, Harrass 5w, Reckless 15
Wing Temple MC Regular B 350 CC
Charge home 5w, Patrol 3w, Ambush 5w, Speed horse magics 5w
Stalwarts MI Regular B 800 HC
Close combat 8w, Stolid 5w, Resist charge 10w, Reform line 5w
Mirinite Cavalry MC Regular B 250 PA(H)
Close combat 6w, Maneuver 5w, Resist magic 5w, Courageous 18
White Leg MI Regular C 800 PA(V)
Close combat 20, Hurl javelins hard and true 5w, Screaming warcry 20, Battlepaint of might 5w
Doblian Dogeaters LMI Regular B 800 HC
Close Combat 10w, Javelin 5w, Dog battle magic 5w
Green Bows LI Irregular C 600 PA(T)
Archery 3w, Earth arrow magic 18
Bell Temple HC Regular B 350 PA(H)
Lance charge 3w, Reform 16, Charge magic 18
Jansholm Muster MI Regular D 1400 Allies
Close combat 17, Formation 15
Choralinthor Archers Archers Regular D 300 PA(E)
Archery 18, Marine combat 16, Boating 16
Mirinite Lancers MC Regular C 400 PA(H)
Lancer combat 5w, Loose order to close order 5w, Cavalry magic 18
Torangi Learned Few Mages Regular C 40 MC
Lunar sorcery 5w2, Close combat 18
Doblian Minor Class Mages Regular C 80 MC
Lunar sorcery 5w2
Bossiks Burners Mages Regular B 30 MC
Salamander Sorcery 10w2, Other sorcery 10w
Baron Sanuel's Horse HK Irregular B 300 Allied
Charge 10w, Close Combat 10w, Resist magic 10w, Gallantry 18, Loyalty 18
Black Horse Troop (x2) EHK Regular B 1000 Merc.
Charge 10w, Close Combat 10w, Resist magic 10w, Dour courage 10w, Horse demon 10w

The Queendom of Jab

Scorpion Elite Priestguard Irregular B 400
Close Combat 15w, Terrify foe 5w, Eat foe 5w, Chaos magics 15w
Scorpion Left Battle MC Irregular C 1300
Close combat 20, Frenzy 5w, Chaos powers 18
Scorpion Right Battle MC Irregular C 1300
Close combat 20, Frenzy 5w, Chaos powers 18
Random Scorpion Horde MI Irregular B 4000
Close combat 15, Horror 18, Chaos powers 15

Allied OB

March 27, 2001

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