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The Free Army of Heortland's Order of Battle at Milran


The King controls his own band and claims the ancient Heort Kingship, without a base or centre of operation. His loyal lords are confined to Korlamans heartland between the Marzeel and Solthi river, the centre of Orlanthi worship in Backford and the Order of St Taurox defending the Prints feeble defences.

Durengard and the central part of Heortland are torn between the large and powerful Rokari presence who demand a Duke of their ilk and the strong Aeolian church. Broyan makes a hasty compromise in the face of the Imperial threat and approves a Rokari Duke, though one of weak skills and personality while enforcing a Aeolian bishop. This compromise naturally pleases no-one but it serves to maintain a form of balance in the short term.

Broyans first goal is to free Jansholm and northern Heortland as a precrsor to his liberation of the Volsaxi. He also feels the dire need of helping his old ally, Korlaman against the forces of Jab. Backford is his place of muster.

Gwydion of Sklar Bishop of the Aeolian church

He raises the forces of the Church for his King, though he despises the Rokari, blaiming them for the fall of the country to the Imperials. Gwydion is no quiet priest, rather he is a warrior at heart and a true firebrand in defending his church. He is good friends with Gerard Duke of the South. Currently he controls Duchamp as his own fief and is the head of the church, though he attends the cathedral of Durengard only rarely.

Korloman Warden of the Print, King of the Orshanti

Korloman is loyal to Broyan and wishes to see the Kingdom reformed. He will support him with all his power, but is concerned with the depredations of the Queendom of Jab above all, as they are killing his people.

Duke Palax of Durengard

Though considered somewhat ineffectual, the new Duke is a man who has never had to struggle or show his mettle before. He is actually a stubborn and determined man with a great capacity. He will doubtless fight well but will look after his peoples interests first.

Harrek the Berserk

Harrek will ally with Broyan in exchange for the rituals of Entry to the City of Wonders for loot and plunder. He will bring a 300 man warband of Wolf pirates with him with 5 ships.

Mularik Ironeye

He will come for a share of the loot and will bring 100 wolf pirates from two ships.

Argrath Whitebull

He is busy readying his campaign in Prax but will send 100 warriors of his Twin Spears society to aid the rebels. They are Agimori warriors of Lodril and are very powerful. The leader of the regiment is Bavoos Blackspears and they are an elite of the Agimori, all the warriors have passed the test of Lodri and have survived the eternal flames.


Kallyr is travelling with a reduced band of perhaps 100 warriors as she is on the move, readying herself for her great Boat Planet quest. Her Vingans are in Nochet and most of her other supporters have been sent to Sartar to prepare for the upcoming revolts. Her intention to winter with Dragonfriend and quest with him is unbroken.


With the majority of his forces, Sharpsword is ready to invade Karse and all his attention is focussed there. Mularik, his ally and friend, is his eyes and ears in the Heortland conflict.

The Free Army of Heortland

Name Type Quality Size
Typical Herowars Abilities
Broyan's Bodyguard LHI Irregular B 300
Close combat 10w, Orlanthi magic 10w, Steadfast 5w
Backford Fyrd LMI Irregular C 1000
Close combat 17, Orlanthi magic 17, Doughty 15
Kallyr's Bodyguard LHI Irregular B 100
Close combat 6w, Orlanthi magic 5w, Vicious 5w
Korloman's Bodyguard LHI Irregular B 100
Close combat 10w, Orlanthi magic 10w, Brave 5w
Orshanti Fyrd LMI Irregular C 600
Close combat 17, Orlanthi magic 17, Hate Chaos 15
Knights of St. Ehilm HK Regular B 300
Charge 15w, Close combat 9w, St Ehilm Magic 5w, Chivalrous 20
St. Taurox Chaos Breakers LHI Irregular B 200
Close combat 15w, Hate chaos 10w, St Taurox magic 10w
Gwydion St. Worlath Axe Guard HI Regular B 100
Close combat 10w, Aeolian magic 10w, Steadfast 5w
Durenguard & Duchamp Muster MI Regular C 1500
Close combat 15, Aeolian magic 15, Obey Orders 12
Aeolian Knights HK Irregular C 300
Charge 10w, Close combat 5w, Resist magic 5w, Aeolian Magic 20
Rokari Knights HK Irregular B 300
Charge 5w2, Close combat 5w, Resist magic 5w, Toughness 20
Rokari Crossbow Sergeants MI Regular B 400
Crossbow 5w, Close combat 18
Rokari Spear Sergeants MI Regular C 800
Close combat 17, Steady 17, Peity 17
Harrek's Wolf Pirates LMI Irregular C 300
Close combat 15w, Berserker fury 10w, Resist magic 10w
Mularik's Wolf Pirates LMI Irregular C 100
Close combat 10w, Charge 10w, Sorcerous Support 5w
Twin Spears LHI Irregular A 100
Close Combat 2w2, Resist Fire 5w2, Lodril Magic 8w, Fearless 10w
Gerard's White Lances EHK Irregular A 200
Charge 5w2, Close combat 10w, Aeolian Magic 5w, Cohesion 18
Mt. Passant Iron Foot MI Regular B 800
Close combat 10w (Spear), Aeolian magic 10w, Stuubborn 5w
Dragonlord's Warband HI Irregular B 250
Close combat 10w, Steadfast 5w, Orlanthi magic 10w
Knight Fort Cavalry HK Irregular B 500
Charge 15w, Close combat 10w, Steady 5w, Aeolian magic 5w
Total 8800

Imperial OB

March 27, 2001

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