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Orders of Battle

Jareel's Order of Battle at the Battle of Heroes.

Corp designations:

HC = Heartland Corp
CC = Cavalry Corp
PA = Provincial Army (A = Argar, E = Esrolia, H = Holay, T = Tarsh, V = Vanch)
MC = Magical College
SA = Sister's Army
IB = Imperial Bodyguard

Jareel's Army

Name Type Size Corp
Demon Lovers MgHI 250 IB
Granite Phalanx Hoplites 1,000 HC
University Guards MI 1,200 MC
Blue Moon School mages 100 MC
Upland Horse MC 500 CC
Wyvren Riders FlyingC 200 CC
Slate Legion Hoplites 800 HC
Lavic Legion Hoplites 800 HC
Hell Sisters HC 250 IB
Crater Makers mages 100 MC
Zarkosians slingers 800 HC
Jerdic Spell School mages 100 MC
Turrogus Strikers MC 500 CC
Lunar Deer Archers LC 500 CC
Khans of Jaquat MgHC 50 CC
Silver Shaman MgHC 50 CC
Queen's Regiment K 500 CC
Starkin MC 500 CC
Breakers siege engineers 300 HC
Golden Axles skirmish chariots 100 HC
Gilt Scythes assault chariots 100 HC
Silver Sable Lancers HC 500 CC
Paradisal Heralds FlyingC 200 HC
Charguatay cossacks 500 CC
Yergun-garu cossacks 500 CC
Drednyari Orbos cossacks 500 CC
Brogandi cossacks 500 CC
Panishi Lancers HC 400 CC
Skyburners MgHC 50 CC
1st Thunder Delta Slingers slingers 800 HC
4th Thunder Delta Slingers slingers 800 HC
Iceland Starclubs HI 1,000 HC
Sticks of Addi mages 50 SA
Seven of Vistur siege mages 60 MC
Deretinites artillery chariots 100 HC
Damuski Clawmen shamans 100 MC
Wine Dance LC 500 CC
Spirit Dancers mages 50 MC
War Daughters mages 100 MC
Colleges of Magic mages 600 MC
Lost Company HI (penal) 500 HC
Chained MI (penal) 1,000 HC
2nd Household Foot HI 1,000 IB
Bloodspillers HC 250 IB
Total 18,570

Provincial Expeditionary Force

Harvar's Warband LHI Irregular B 300
Harvar's personal warband and bodyguard, built up with refugees from Sartar's lunarised orlanthi.
Flying Warband LHI Irregular A 200
Close combat 10w, Steadfast 5w, Orlanthi magic 10w
Ogunjar's Sacred Band HI Regular A 300

Close Combat (2h Spr & Shld) 15w, March in step 15, Spear magic 5w, Obey orders 5w

Notes: His bodyguard, serve with the phalanx, adding to it but are distinct, these men have served with Ogunjar for years and are very competent fighters 15w is standard

The Mercenary Sun Dome Phalanx hoplites Regular B 700
Close combat (2h spr & shld) 20, March in Step 3w, Spear magics 3w, Obey orders 2w      
Templar Light Infantry LI Regular C 500
Notes: younger men, poor archers
Kuschiles Sons LC Irregular B 500
Notes: horse archers of Kuschile tradition, mostly from the Saird region.
Bigger Wind Band LMI Irregular C 500
This is a mixed force of Tarumathi, Bigger Wind and other storm groups who have accepted the illuminated side of teh Storm and follow Umatum.
Storm Sons of Umatum LMI Irregular C 1,200  
Notes: Tarumathi from Talastar & Umatum supporters froma cross the Provinces
Order of Black Iron HI Irregular B 300
Notes: Mystics recruited up to strength led by Kao Lu. They form a heavy infantry group using spear and shld
Servants of the Cleansing LI Irregular C 500

Close combat 18, Pillage 4w, Darkness fetish magics 18

Notes: operating now near Balazar, Jarst and Garsting. HQ in Soldier Fort and sponsored by the Provincial Gov't

Servants of Immortal Justice HI Irregular B 100
Notes: From the heartlands and gaining recruits from the Yelmalio population in the Provinces. Phycho warriors with many shargashi among them.
House Gerenthash HI Regular A 200
Notes: House troops led by Young Kastokus' father Venerable Gerenthash.
Black Horse Troop EHK Regular B 3 x 500
Charge 10w, Close Combat 10w, Resist Magic 10w, Dour courage 10w, Horse demon 10w
Tusk Riders HC Irregular C 1,500
Close Combat 5w, Charge 10w, Cruelty 10w, Bloody Tusk magic 10w
Moirades Philosophers mages Irregular C 200
Close combat 17, War magic 15w, Ride 19, Argue pointlessly 15w, Debate esoterica 5w2
Tarumati Stormbringers LHI Irregular B 200
Close combat 10w, Tarumathi battle magics 10w, Invoke High Storm 5w, Hardy 2w
The Rams LHI Irregular B 100
Close combat 15w, Ram of Talastar magic 10w, Charge 5w, Fierce 2w
Total 9,800

Allied OB

November 8, 2001

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