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This is the Hero Wars character sheet for Varax in our Gwandor Campaign.

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Varax Varax is of the Gwandor clan and follows the storms of Urox. He wields a massive, magical battleaxe, made of iron, holding his ally, “Beheader”. He is mighty in battle and rages against the foes of the Bull. Varax is thick-skulled, as broad as an Auroch across the shoulder yet as nimble as a deer. His hero is Rax the Fury whom he emulates. Many hardships have made him enduring, like stone and quick to heal. He has lived of the land and hunts well. Once a warbander, Varax hides among his old clan. He visits friends in the hills and acknowledges Murron Bloodaxe as his patron. He is hung like the bull and is an outrageous womanizer.

Acute Hearing --- 17
Boastful --- 17
Brave --- 17
Close Combat --- 5W

Spear & Shield
Sword and Shield
Great Axe
Dragon Pass Geography --- 13
Enduring --- 13
Heortling Customs --- 13
Heortling Myths --- 13
Hide in Cover --- 17
Hung like the Bull --- 13
Hunt --- 13
Ignore Pain --- 17
Intimidate --- 17
Myths of Urox --- 17
Nimble as a Deer --- 13
Quick to Heal --- 13
Recognise Foe --- 17
Relation: to Gwandor Clan --- 13
Relation: Loyal to Chief --- 17
Running --- 17
Stay Awake --- 17
Strong as an Auroch --- 1W
Thick-Skulled --- 13
Wilderness Survival --- 13
Womanise --- 13
Worship Storm Pantheon --- 13
Worship: Devoted to Urox --- 17
Worship: Rax the Fury Herocult --- 13

Anti-Chaos --- 17

grant morale against chaos
sense chaos
shield against chaos
Combat --- 1W
berserker fury
great blow
knock down opponent
Wild Wind --- 17
make weapon slice like the wind
searing wind gust
summon wind daemon
Smash Sun Worshipper --- 13
terrify sun-worshipper
charge shield-wall
break gold
hew sun-worshipper

Items of Note
Iron Battle Axe ^6: Allied Spirit "Beheader" 13

Contacts 13: Old Warband

Patron 13: Murron Bloodaxe

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March 23, 2001

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