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Lothar Deathswords

This is the Hero Wars character sheet for Lothar Twinblades in our Gwandor Campaign.

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Lothar Twinblades Lothar Twinblade is a Sword of the Gwandor clan. He has cut emotion from himself to follow the purity of death without distraction. He is extremely swift of thought. His honour is absolute, like a shield against untruth. Battle-wrath fills him often but is tempered, like a well honed blade, to his will. With his twin blades - Severance and Deathbringer - he wields a maelstrom of iron-edged ending. He follows the ways of Gwandor and emulates his herodom. When wronged, vengeance is everything to him. Lothor is literate and known as a scholar in Jonstown and Boldhome where he studied the art of war.

Lothar has established relationships with the Anti-Harvar rebels in northern Sartar.

Keywords: Heortling, Weaponthane, Champion, Deathsword (Disciple of Humakt)


Art of War 16w
Acute Hearing 17
Battle Command 17
Bodyguard 10w
Close Combat
Paired Swords
Control Wrath 6w
Craft Weapon 17
Detect Lie 7w2
Georgraphy: Dragon Pass 17
Heortling Customs 15
Hide in Cover 2w
Initiate to Humakt 18
Myths: Heortling 17
Myths of Humakt 2w2
Perform sacrifice 17
Lead Prayer to Humakt 17
Ranged Combat
Throwing Knife
Read/Write Sartari 17
Recognise Foe 3w
Ride 15w
Running 3w
Shieldwall Fighting 18w
Spot Ambush 17w
Stay Awake 17
Swift Thinking 2w
Tactics: Warband 10w2
Tactics: Siege 14


Disciple of Humakt 2w2
Initiate of Gwandor Greatblade 13
Contacts (Scholars of War) 16
Contacts (Northern Satari Rebels) 5w



Brave 3w2
Emotionless 18
Fatalistic 17
Focussed 17
Honourable 1w2
Stoic 12w
Taciturn 17
Vengeful 3w


As a Disciple, Lothar no longer needs to use feats. I continue to list them though.
Death 8w2
  Shout of fear, Kill undead, bless corpse, lay ghost, face of death, berserk, shield destroyer, weapon destroyer  
Honour 12w2
  Empower Oath, Know Truth, Rally Wariors, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward  
Sword 7w2
  Decapitate Foe, Cut Deep, Great Blow, Sword Help, True Sword | Cut Spirit  
Fight Telmori 19w
  Strike Wolf, Mask Odour, No Trail, Imitate Wolf Cry, Grante Morale vrs Telmori | Rest Unseen  

Secret: Death 12

Divine Companion
  Devotee of Humakt 13w2, Meld Blades
Resides in twined swords


Items of Note

Swords: Deathbringer and Severance
^5, Iron
Armour: Dragon-Scale
Armour: Iron chainmail
Cloak: Tusker Pelt with Head and Tusks

Wealth: ??

Followers (Abilities: )

20 UnnamedHumakti 13
10 Humakti Trolls 13

Gifts & Geas

+5 to Sword Fighting Never use a bow
+5 to Sword Fighting Only use a sword
+5 to Honour Remain silent on Dark Day
Recover 1AP/rnd Never refuse a 1-1 combat challenge




Awareness: 4w2
Defence: 4w2
Blessing: 4w2
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November 13, 2002

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