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Katla Swiftsword

This is the Hero Wars character sheet for Katla Swiftsword in our Gwandor Campaign.

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Katla Swiftsword Katla Swiftsword is a Vingan Huscarl of the Gwandor Clan. Her speed of reaction and swiftness of blade is legendary. Katla knows the skills of Kuschile. She is agile, like an alynx and runs like a deer. Some say she has a sixth sense for danger. When her family were sacrificed to foul Dara Happan gods, Katla swore vengeance. Exiled from the Kheldon, she still has many friends there. Her beauty and charisma are the talk of many. Years hunting Gargarthi and Telmori have honed her tracking skills. She is a good judge of character and a strong negotiator. She has empathy with horses.

Physical Abilities:
Acute Hearing --- 17
Agile --- 13
Hide in Cover --- 17
Fast Reactions --- 13
Riding --- 17
Running --- 17

Mental Abilities:
Customs: Heortling --- 13
Geography: Dragon Pass --- 13
Judge Character --- 13
Myths: Heortling --- 13
Myths: Thunderbrothers --- 17
Myths: Vinga --- 17
Negotiate --- 13
Recognize Foe --- 17
Stay Awake --- 17
Track --- 17
Wilderness Survival --- 17

Beautiful --- 13
Boastful --- 17
Brave --- 17
Charismatic --- 13
Hate Dara Happan --- 13

to Gwandor Clan --- 17
Friends Among the Kheldon --- 13
Loyal to Argrath --- 17
Worship: Storm Pantheon --- 13
Worship: Devotee of Vinga --- 17

Close Combat --- 5w

Spear and Shield
Sword and Shield
Horse Archery --- 13
Throw Javelin --- 17

Combat --- 1w

Deadly Spear Throw
Fight Against Rapist
Fight Against Uz
Mile Javelin Throw
Horse Empathy (Feat) --- 13
Movement --- 1w
Leap Over Water
Run on Treetop
Run on Snow
Protection --- 17
Find Lost Child
Heal Injury
Make Fire
Restore Morale
Shield Non-combatant
Sixth Sense (Feat) --- 13

Items of Note

Wealth: 15

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March 26, 2001

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