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The Gwandor Campaign


Kamoar Shadowstalker

This is the Hero Wars character sheet for Kamoar Shadowstalker in our Gwandor Campaign.

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Argrath Dragon-Friend Kamoar Shadowstalker is a Shadow-Brother of Yinkin and Odaylan of the Gwandor Clan. With Corate, his bonded alynx, Kamoar stalks his prey. Kamoar is as quick as a cat, and attacks with the frenzy of a wounded alynx. His Hatred of the lunars comes from the death of his father at their hands. He was taught and befriended by his patron, once Culbrea master hunter, Rostalos Orldagsson. Kamoar is a great archer, more skilled than most of his fellow hunters. There are few better at the chase than Kamoar or as good at sensing danger or ambush. His spear, “Heartsthew” is deadly to those who abuse the hunt

Vingkot gifted Kamoar with a battle spear and a gold ring. Kamoar is accompanied by a hot blooded Alynx named BullRager and a sleek hunting Alynx named Shadow-Weaver. Zorn No-Prints, a slight Yinkini hunter and his sharp-eyed friend Wickord Needle-Eye followed Kamoar into exile. In the mountains in southern Heortland, Kamoar found two twin alynxi trailing him. The lazy NightStalker and the albino White-Flurry. Kamoar went on a quest with his friends to tame the Skybulls; after several attempts he found a bull that matched his fiery temperment named Thunder-Hooves. When his bravery was known among the Marchers, a quick Odaylan named Ekwood Swift-Flight joined his band. Kamoar took Baskelos' hound's pelt as the Victor's portion and now wears it as armour.

Physical Abilities
Butcher --- 17
Create Fetish --- 1w
Climb --- 19
Draw Summoning Circle --- 1w
Hide in Cover --- 17
Jump --- 20
Ride --- 17

Set Traps --- 18
Stalk --- 4w

Mental Abilities
Administrate --- 12
Flirt --- 17
Geography: Dragon Pass --- 13
Heortling Customs --- 13
Know Animals --- 19
Light Sleeper --- 17
Listen --- 19
Mimic Animal Sounds --- 19
Myths: Heortling --- 13
Myths: Yinkin --- 2w
Orate --- 12
Shamanic Escape --- 5w
Spirit Combat --- 1w2
Spirit Sight --- 1w
Spirit World Travel --- 5w
Tactics --- 12

Tactics vrs Solars --- 12
Track --- 8w
Vingkotling History --- 12
Yinkin Tradition Knowledge --- 2w

Frenzy --- 18
Hate Lunar --- 5w
Patient --- 17

Loyal to Argrath --- 12
Loyal to Gwandor --- 13

Close Combat --- 16w

Spear and Shield
Bite and Claw
Ranged Combat --- 3w


Awareness --- 5w
Grow Claws --- 10w
Paralyzing Bite --- 10w

An alynx paw

(Dexterity --- +2, 1/day)
A bag of alynx toe-bones
(Land Safely --- 20, 3/day)
A rabbit's nose wrapped in doe fur
(Sense Danger --- 17, 3/day)
A bushel of alynx whiskers
(Sense Ambush --- 16, 1/day)

Corate the Awakened Alynx

Items of Note
Spear: Heartsthew ^5

+6 against those who abuse the hunt
Spear: Vingkot's Spear ^7
+3 vrs Foes of Vingkot
Armour: Hound's Pelt ^8
Active Defence 2W2
Sky-Bull: Thunder-Hooves
Trample 10W

Wealth: 10W


All followers have skills (first 13W, second 9W)
Follower 12: Shadow Weaver - Alynx
(Combat, Stalk)
Follower 12: Bull-Rage - Alynx
(Combat, Berserk)
Follower 12: Nightstalker - Alynx
(Combat, Lazy)
Follower 12: White-Flurry - Alynx
(Combat, Albino)
Follower 12: Zorn No-Prints - Hunter
(Yinkin, Hunter)
Follower 12: Wicklord Needle-Eye - Hunter
(Hunter, Odayla)
Follower 12: Ekwood Swift-Flight - Scout
(Combat, Track)

Patron 13: Rostalos Orldagsson

Hidden King Ring: ^1 edge

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