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Gudny Stormchaser

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I am Argrath, called Stormchaser, son of Harva Doomteller.

The Aggaring name me High-King and Alakoringsson. The Kitori call me Troll Friend.

In the Indigo Mountians I am the Storm Husband, the Sun-Shroud and the Father of Crushing Noise.

I am the Black Cloud, the Thunderer and the Righteous Wind. I am Loko's Bane, Bull Rider and the Alakoring-Come. I am the Telmor-Victor, Dragon-Breaker and the Champion of Delela.

Gudny Stormchaser, the burly Storm Voice of the Gwandor clan, is a champion of Violent Storm and a warrior of renown. His temperament calls the Vadrudi magics to him. With his follower Noh, the docile Trickster, and Shadowstalker, his allied alynx, Gudny explores the ways of Orlanth. From his uncle, and patron, Vistol, a Lhankor Mhy sage, he learned his letters and the intricacies Orlanthi law. He is an efficient administrator and has great personal charisma. Gudny is a rousing orator and composes stirring poems. He wears the Belt of the Eternal Wind. He is especially adept with the baleful umbroli of the mountains.

Keywords: Heortling, Godyr, Warrior, Storm Lord (Disciple of Orlanth Thunderous)

Mundane Abilities

Administrate 4w
Burly 1w
Charisma 6w
Close Combat
Spear & Shield
Sword & Shield
Axe & Shield
Endure Weather 6w2
Geography: Dragon pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Heortling Law 13w
Initiate to Oranth 17
Leadership 20W
Lead Prayer to Orlanth 17
Myths: Alakoring 12
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Vingkotling 12
Myths of Orlanth 4W3
Negotiation 4W2
Oration 5W2
Perform Sacrifice 17
Poetry 19w
Predict Weather 17
Read/Write Sartari 13
Horse, Skbull
Sense deities nearby 17
Sense Spirits nearby 17
Stay Awake 17
Tactics 12w
Siege Tactics 14


Aggar (High King) 1w
to the Gwandor (x-chief) 1w
to Culbrea Tribe (respected) 4w
to Thunderspears (leader) 10w
to Mountain umbroli (friends) 13
to Uroxi/Stormbulls (inspire awe) 19
Scholars (Bookburner) 13
Troll Friend 9w
Giant Friend 15
Worship Storm Pantheon 20
Disciple of Orlanth Thunderous 4W3
to Righteous Wind (leader) 20


Boastful 17
Brave 1w2
Pious 17
Honourable 17
Just 5w
Wise 17
Dynamic 17
Proud 17
Hate Lunars 15
Hate Zistor 5w


Headless of Death 4w
to Malani (hated) 9w


Vadrudi Magic 6w
Tactics vs. Solars +2


Beware the green-gifted shaft.




As a Disciple, Gudny no longer needs to worry about feats. I continue to list them though.

Combat 18
Blow down foe, catch arrows on shield, cutting wind blast, entangling gust, shield attack, lightning sword, shield of Arran
Fight Dara Happan 1w
Blunt spears, break shield, disrupt enemy line, raise courage, resist solar magic, shout of victory
Fight Elements
  Enchant tin ritual, Fight darkess, Fight earth, Fight Fire, Fight water
Lightning 19
Ball lightning, blinding flash, dodge thrown weapon, lightning reflexes, shatter tree, throw lightning javelin
Storm 4w2
Gentle Rain, call clouds, start thunderstorm, storm voice, fertilising rain, melt ice, overcome other storm, call snow, killer rain gale, Block sun with cloud, reaching storm, direct hail, start hailstorm
Thunderstorm 1w4
Crushing noise, drenching rain, drive storm, storm darkness, terrifying storm, Crashing Hail
  Detect enemy, Enchant thunderstone ritual, Hurl thunderstone, Throw far, Thunder sling
Wind 7w2
Command air daimones, drive away clouds, raise & lower wind, snatch breath, still whirlwind, turn wind, fly, icy wind, blow away shadows, blow out fire, push waves

Bark of Terror 2w
Hell Tracking 20
Summon Harangot ritual 17
Drogarsi's Voice 8W
Subdue Telmori 4w
Wound Dragonewt 4w

Secret: Thunderbolt 14w

Divine Companion
Gudjortan the Thunderer
  Devotee of Ohorlanth 13w2
Resides in the 'Thunderbolt' spear.

Wealth: 1W2

Items of Note

Belt: Eternal Wind
+2 with Wind, +1 Arming ritual
Sword: Humakt
^8, +1 Arming ritual
Mail: Turnspear
^7, +1 Arming ritual
Javelins: Lightning
^6, +2 lightning, +2 Arming ritual
Helm: Farseeing 10w2
Torque: Dragon-Torque
May lend up to 20AP for magical bids
Shield: Arran
+3 Arming ritual
The Justice Stone
Spear: Thunderbolt  
Water Torque
Alakoring's Authority Affinity
Ruler's Klanth  


Followers (Abilities: 5w3/1w3)

Bodal Kellsson 13
Knowing Companion
Devotee of Lhankor Mhy, Satirical Cartooning
Borne Gudnysman 18
Weaponthane, Combat magic
Bracus the Victor
  Axe of Aggar
War Captain, Loyal to High King
Brunjarl 18
Skybull, Trample
Djarn the Voice 12
Initiate of Drogarsi, Compose Stirring Poem
Doyrl Safepath 12
Issries Guide
Devotee of Issaries Pathguide, Scout
Weaponthan, Godyr of Siglaf Cloudcrusher
Leary Rock-Stepper 12
Lankst Companion
Devotee of Helemakt, Womaniser
Korbin Gudnysson 12
Priest, Thunderspears
Devotee of Ohorlanth, Myths of Orlanth
Morguth Crushingskull 13
Uroxi Jarl
Weaponthane, Devotee of Urox
Nestin Hollowdancer 19
Leader, Snakepipe Hollowdancers
Devotee of Ohorlanth, Hollowdancer
Noh 15
Eurmal, Loyal to Gudny
Rworg Overglen 12
Telmori Companion
Telmori Warrior, Warband Leader
Skorvijji Unseen 12
Seeing Companion
Devotee of Tatouth, Close Combat
Tharn Raindancer 12
Devotee of Heler, Weaponthane
Trego Talksgood 12
Dark Companion (UzKo)
Merchant, Initiate of Argan Argar
Viga-Vedda 18
Weaponthane, Combat magic
2 unnamed aggari

Kazokang - Sazdorf Master Trader 13
Star Bear Bag: Black Cloud
Vadrudi daimone 15w3
Shadowstalker - awakened Alynx 16
Vistol - Grey Sage of Jonsholm 13
Aranzkag - Queen, First Tribe 20


The Thunderspears

Wytr: Third Thunder
Form: Tin armband worn by Gudny

Awareness: Sense Loko 7w2
Defence: Shield of Vargast 7w2
Blessing: Strike Imperial 7w2
Storm priests

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October 26, 2002

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