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The Gwandor Campaign


Grandmother Gerkem

Grandmother GerkemGrandmother Gerkem is an ancient Uzuz who founded the Doom-Drummers Clan when she came to Hurt-place. She has friends and great-grandchildren in the closest Uz-lands; though her subjugation of Hater-Stomper has gained her the enmity of Zorak Zoran. This wise follower of Hobobobom knows the songs of Dark-Listener and Jakaboom. She learned the secret of the Black Elm and rides the Blue Rhino. Gerkem speaks Windy-Man and has travelled to the closest Uz-lands. She has an ample belly and a penetrating voice. She carries Burtug’s thigh-bone and Xorgt’s Stone-eye. She likes ducks. Gerkem is a quiet leader whose presence overawes uz.
Homeland: Uzuz 5w
Occupation: Mother 17
Magic: Follower of Hombobobom 17
Common Magic 17
Follower of Dark-Listener 13
Follower of Hombobobom 1w2
Follower of Jakabom 1w2
Open Spirit World 17w3
Secret: Hombobobom's Beat 13w
Secret: Jakabom's Daughter - see fetch
Sing Dehori power song 9w
Spirit face 1w4
Worship Kyger Litor 17w2

Avoid attack 17w2
Blind 1w2
Cause scratch 2w
Clot 18
Draw blood 19
Ease pain 18
Eat more 17
Frighten male 17
Heal wound 4w
Hunger pangs 1w
Ignore sun 17
Keep rhythm 4w
Lead male 20
Negotiate 15w
Pure voice 2w
Quench fire 5w
Recognise spirit 18
Shroud light 3w2
Swallow 20
Terrorise 19

Practise Spririts
Spirit Ally: Urzzax the Voracious (ancestor) 4w2
Troll generalship 3w3
Great maul fighting 18w3
Physical manifestation 7w2
Friend of Dumdudoom (song spirit) 3w
Tireless drumming 3w3
Deafening rhythm 17w
Without weight 8w2
Friend of Gunkgagunkga (song spirit) 2w2
War beat 16w2
Inspire follower 8w2
Beat away magic 11w2
Friend of Mog's Shroud (dehori) 13w
Concealing shadows 10w2
Feel no sun 14w2
Walk through shadows 10w2
Friend of Xher's Bane (foe curser) 13w
Black curse 1w2
Finger spasm 4w3
Nudge arrow 5w2
Friend of Black Elm (darkness) 3w
Poison drink 1w3
Cast shadow 18w
Animate tree 19w
Friend of Blue Rhino (beetle spirit) 3w
Drumming 9w
Tireless 1w
Giggle 9w
Friend of Verk's Hairy Earlobe (dark listener) 3w
Hear whisper 7w2
Learn secret 5w3
Furry 2w3
Friend of Glib-Pug (ancestory) 3w
Speak convincingly 3w2
Inspire 10w2
Negotiate 19w2

Fetch 13w3
Shamanic escape
Spirit world travel
Jakaboom's Daughter

Misc Fetish
Master of Hater-Stomper 13
Hate 10w
Crush 17

Acute darksense 12w2
Ample belly 13
Ancient 13
Apper attractive 17
Chant 13
Chant without tiring 17w
Command enlo 17
Command husbands and sons 17
Command male 17w
Command offspring 17
Craft drum 17
Diget anything 5w
Dagori geography 5w
Dance 13
Dark-Listening practice knowledge 17
Endure cold 12w2
Enduring 17
Fighting: Bite & Claw 5w
Hombobobom practice knowledge 1w2
Hungry 17w
Jakabom practice knowledge 1w2
Know ancestry 15w
Know clan customs 17
Knowledge of Uz-home 5w
Knowlege of Uz lands 13
Elder Wilds
Shadow Plateau
Spider Mountain
Know spirits 13
Korasting tradition knowledge 17w
Large 5w
Leadership 13
Move silently 12
Penetrating voice 13
Play drum 17
Play drum without tiring 17w
Recite list of ancestors 17
See darkness entity 13
Sew 13
Sharp hearing 3w
Smack down insolent 17
Speak Windy-man 13
Speak with authority 17w3
Strong 5w
Survive terrible pain 17w
Understand strange spirits 1w3
Uz customs 5w
Uz myths 5w
Withstand pain 17
Feared by children 17
Founder of Doom-Drummers clan 5w2
Friends and children in many lands 13
Elder Wilds 13w
Shadow Plateau 3w
Spider Mountain
Yolp 13w
Hated by Zorak Zorani 13
Intercessor for clan 17
Loved by grandchildren 17
Worshipped among the First Tribe 17w2

Master to enlo slaves 13
Patron to acolytes 17

Aggressive 17
Authoritative 17w
Distrust Crag-Spider 17
Domineering 17
Fearless 13
Inventive 13
Likes ducks 13
Maternal 17
Messianic 15w2
Musical 17
Overawing presence 13w
Quiet 13
Secretive 13
Supportive 17
Wise 13w
Sidekick: Juggeb the Fat 13
Hombobobom shaman 13w3
Craft drum 9w3
Sidekick: Urlk 13
Uzdo warrior 13w3
Intimidating 9w3
Blue Rhino (Karrg riding-beetle) 13
Urzzax: Eat your foes
Mog's Shroud: Paint an eye-socket black and never speak to a sun-worshipper
Blue Rhino: Laugh at life
Verk's Hairy Earlobe: Speak no secret
Jakaboom's Daughter: Sew daily
The Doom-Drummer Clan
Wytr: Gunkgagunkga
300 Uzko warriors
30 Uzko shamans
50 Uzdo warriors
50 Romal warriors
600 Value Enlo
Vestigial eyesight 1w
**-20 to all abilities in sun light**
Wealth & Possessions
Burtug's Thighbone 3w
Xorgt's Stone-eye 3w
Various drums 13
Watch beetle pet 13
Misc horde of enlo slaves 13

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