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Bronwyn Fallenstead

This is the Hero Wars character sheet for Bronwyn Fallenstead in our Gwandor Campaign.

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Bronwyn Fallenstead Bron Fallenstead, is a cunning Orlanthi Dragonfriend. His family was killed by the Telmori, who he hates and is strongly anti-solar. Bronís innate magical strength has lead him to favour combat magics. Rarely noticed, Bron can subtly manipulate those around him. His training allows him greater control over ritual magics and taught him tactics and mass combat magics. Bronís draconic master is Master Glowing Eyes. He was at Arrowmount when Orlanth brought forth the Justice Wand and knows this ritual. Bron is a powerful orator and a convincing actor.

Bronwyn once led a hunting-waltzing band. While fighting againt Pelangio Bronwyn learned effective tactics to defeat avian foes. Bronwyn tamed a skybull following Gudny on Gorangi Vak's quest where he also gained the Howl of Pain feat. Bronwyn recruited a perceptive Donandari poet to travel Dragon Pass gathering information for him. Bronwyn recruited a shifty cook for his knowledge of people and places. Bronwyn wears magical emerald and gold Dragon-Torque and a byrnie of Dragon-scale armour taken from the mesa in Dead Bottom. While in Dead Bottom Bronwyn took the Cosmotic Sceptre from a band of fallen EWF survivors.


Act 13
Administration 16
Close Combat
Fight with Claws
Control Emotion 7w
Co-Ordinate Magic 4w
Customs: EWF Heortling 13
Espionage 2w
Geography: EWF Dragon Pass 13
Myths: EWF Heortling 15
Obduran Philosphy 14w2
Orate 4w
Horse, Demi-Bird, Sky Bull
Ritual Magics 13
Speak: Sartari 12
Speak: Auld Wyrmish Native
Strong Magic 14
Subtle Manipulation 15
Unnoticeable 12w
Warband Tactics 17


Cunning 13
Hate Solar Worshipper 13
Hate Telmori 13


to Jisteel (citizen) 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devoted to Obduran Dragon-Friend 2w
Cosmic Awareness
Know the Truth of something, Know the nature of something, Understand place in the universe, See Arangorf
Hunting and Waltzing
Persuasive tongue, eclectic dance, harmonious voice, humorous insight
Be Dragon
Dragon's claws, dragon's breath, dragon's wings, dragon's scales, dragon's strength, dragon's reflexes, dragon's tail, raise Dragon Runner, unfurl banner, Incarnate Dragon, Command Dragon

Howl of Pain 16
Justice Staff 13

Draconic Gifts
Strike: Green Eye Blast
Can destroy a target
Counter: Draco Oneness
"I am part of the universe. Your magic is part of the universe - You cannot hurt me with it."

Equipment of Note

The Cosmotic Sceptre
Acts as a focus that allows bearer to create the Oroboros Effect and to summon a Consciousness Dragon
Sky Bull
Trample, Fly
Torque: Dragon-Torque
May lend up to 20AP for magical bids
Armour: Dragon-Scale

Wealth: 14w


Abilities are (First 3w2, Second 19w)
Byrne Thorrasson - Wandering Bard
Devotee of Donandar, Charismatic Performer
Capo Silvertongue - Wandering Bard
Devotee of Donandar, Charismatic interrogation
Derti Manytongues - Travelling Trader
Devotee of Issaries, Fast Talk
Jean-Pierre du Morneau - Rokari Wizard
Wizard, Heretic
Iggo the Freak - Trickster
Trickster, Loyal to Bronwyn
Koreno Fastladle - Exotic Cook
Exotic Cook, Purloin small valuables
Loriot - Stone Cutter
Stone Cutter, Deception
Moncun - EWF Cartographer
Devotee of Obduran Dragon-Friend, Cartography
Porter Haraldsson - Cartwright
Devotee of Gustbran, Hammer fighting
Teldar Manisson - Hunter
Devotee of Odayla, Hunter
Telman Sagasinger - Wandering Skald
Devotee of Donandar, Subtle interrogation

Glowing-Eyes - Dragonnewt Priest 13


Tactics vrs Avian Foes +2

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Bronwyn's Warband

July 23, 2001

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