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Argrath Dragon-Friend

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Uz-friend, Warlord, Wealthy and Wise
Wolf-Brother, Dragon-Friend, Destroyer of Foes
Empire's Bane, Voydag's Man.

Bold wielder of blood-snake and buster of helms
Chosen of Crag-Spider, he crushed the Count
Sartar's Flame flared at his touch

Kodigvari is his clan and close is his ring
Fell is his band and ferocious his rage
Lo he's come to liberate the land.

Argrath Dragonfriend is a fanatical Champion of Vingkot and Orlanth the Warrior Housecarl of the Gwandor clan. He is a natural leader of men with a gift for oratory and battle skill. He is a physically intimidating man with a very tall, muscular build and Alynx like dexterity. A network of contacts dedicated to the overthrow of the hated lunars helps him. He fights with a spear above all weapons to emulate Vingkot. He hid among the Dragonkind and learnt Draconic and their ways. Argrath has mythic knowledge of the Orlanthi and is fully literate. He is well read in history and other cultures.

Keywords: Heortling, Weaponthane, Warlord, King, Devotee of Vingkot

Mundane Abilities

Archery 17
Bodyguard 17
Brew Woad 17
Close Combat
Dragon's Claw Martial Arts
Dexterity 13
Draconic Wisdom 11w2
Intimidate 13
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
History 13
Jump 17
Knowledge of Foreign Cultures 13
Leadership 7w3
Manage Kingdom 11w4
Muscular 14
Myths of Orlanth 13
Myths: Heortling 16
Myths of the Thunder Brothers 13
Negotiate 12
Oratory 3w2
Read/Write Sartari 13
Regal Charisma 17
Speak: Auld Wyrmish 13
Speak: Pentan
Chargawiay Dialect
Speak: Darktongue 12
Spot Ambush 17
Tactics: Battle 12w
Tactics: Siege 5w
Tactics vrs Solars +2
Tall 13


Fanatical 13
Hate Lunars 19
Stoic 17


Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devotee of Vingkot the Mover 17
Initiate of Drolgard Split-Tongue 13
Anti-Lunar contacts 13
Far Point (High King) 13
Border Marches (High King) 13
Dragon's Rest (Patron) 13
Storm Dragon Guard (Leader) 13
Erlthanthi (Hero Cult) 13
Free Army of Sartar (Hero) 5w


Fear Chaos -1
Cannot Laugh



Combat 3w
Aid throw with wind, Armor of woad, Enchant silver ritual, Flickering blade, Leaping shield, Overbear foe, Spear help | Hedge of Spears
Fight Dara Happan 2w2
Blunt spears, Break shield, Dirsupt enemy line, Raise courage, Resist solar magic, Shout of victory
Left Hand 14w
Raise dragon runners (200), Unfurl banner, Incarnate dragon, Command dragon, Tavel dragon road
Movement 4w3
Burst of Speed, Leap over obstacle, Run on mud, Run up cliff, Sunset leap | Return home [D+60], Fly, Mastakos' Helpers, Create Mastakos road ritual
Rule Kingdom 6w2
Defend kingdom, Find compromise, Intimidate subordinate leader, Invoke wytr, Lead warriors, Storm voice, Silencing bellow, Intimidate followers

Hell Tracking 17
Summon Harangot ritual 17
Sandals of Darkness 13

Secret: Command Followers 17

Wealth: 2W3

Items of Note

Armor: Enchanted Chain tunic ^7
Crystal Scepter
Adds to Regal Charisma or Leadership
Dwarf Pass
Dragonewt Rods (3000 newts)
Dragon's Teeth
Emerald Dragon Torque
Adds 20AP to any magical contest
EWF 3rd Dragon Banner
Garandyar's Horn (Summon Garundyar)
Hell Chit
Horn of Cornucopia
Will feed 10,000, cart-sized
Horn of Plenty
Put food in, get more out
Loceam warhorn (Summon Loceam)
Piece of Cosmic Dragon's Tongue
Sartar's Lamp
Spear: Vingkot's Spear ^7
+3 vrs Vingkot's foes
Sword: Ormsword ^12
- Cuts cost of dragon magic by 1/2
- Soaks 10AP of magic damage
- Commune with Dragon 5w2
Whitebull's war-arrow


The Storm Dragon Guard

Wytr: Gyanex the Wyrm
Form: Warbanner

Awareness: 10w2
Defence: 10w2
Blessing: 10w2
Flying Thanes
Great Trolls

Followers (Abilities: 6w3/2w3)

Brod Grimax 13
Weaponthane, Devotee of Vingkot
Chok Goldenhand 13
Issaries Trader
Trader, Initiate of Issaries
Erdhar No-Horse
King of the Dundealos
Warcaptain, King
Feoric 13
Bronze Smith
Smith, Devotee of Gustbrand
Fillian Finebrow 13
Negotiate, Devotee of Issaries Negotiator
Fridmar the Outcast 13
Yggite Exile
Warleader, Devotee of Ygg the Pillager
Gettig Kingsvoice
Speaking Companion
Devotee of Lhankor Knowing, Lawspeaker
Hurred the Drayce
March Lord
Baron, Devotee of St. Orlanth
Orgovalt 13
Prince of Far Point
Prince, Raider
Sir Orik Rastallson 13
Commander, Stone Storm Keep
Knight, Devotee of St. Orlanth
Sir Pallon the Black 13
Foot Knight
Foot Knight, Devotee of St. Taurox
Rolf Skullsplitter 13
Weaponthane, Devotee of Hu
Rurgarg Blackice 13
Valindi Warband leader
Devotee of Valind, Raider
Stuval Heartheart 12
Dishthane, Blackmarketeer
Tilth Soulscribe 13
Research Scholar
Scholar, Devotee of Lhankor Knowing
Torug Kingwolf 13
King, Black Wolf Tribe
Telmori King, Telmori Warcaptain
Trizm Skyfoot 13
Moving Companion
Godyr, Devotee of Mastakos
Tull the Staunch 13
Weaponthane, Initiate of Drolgard
Tulmult Fire-Eater 13
Captain, Storm Dragon Guard
Warcaptain, Devotee of Vingkot
Vayla the Studious 12
Sage from Holay
Sage, Disdain Warrior
Von Heartstopper 13
Weaponthane, Devotee of Hu
Wyrmquill 13
EWF Sage
Sage, EWF Knowledge
Yanar Writeweb 13
Trade Factor in Nochet
Marine Merchant, Shipbuilding
Viga-Holstein 13
Skybull, Trample
10 misc Vangathi

Crag-Spider 13


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October 26, 2002

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