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Argrath Dragon-Friend - Eliot Richmond

An Orlanthi Huscarl Argrath was the Clan Champion of the Gwandor until he and the rest of the friends were forced into exile. He known in the clan as Argrath Weaponthane. None know of his other name. Argrath is known to be a follower of Orlanth the Warrior but is actually a follower of Vingkot Victorious. He is a refugee from Boldhome and his father was a cousin of the King.

Argrath has sworn to die as Vinkot did. His goal is to be king of a free Sartar. Sartar's Lamp has already proven that he has the blood. He and his friends have formed a Hidden King ring to give him power in his fight to retrieve the throne of Sartar. Argrath has quested back to the Storm Age and become one of the Kodigvari, the noble blood of the Vingkotling kingdom. Now all he has to do is chase off the Lunars...

Argrath is King of the Border Marches.

View Argrath's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Bronwyn Fallenstead - Richard Fenner

Bronwyn Fallenstead Bronwyn is a priest of Orlanth Dragonfriend. He grew up at the peak of the Empire of Wyrm Friends nearly 800 years ago. He was sent on a mission by his master Glowing Eyes, a dragonnewt, to try to discover why Sky Fall Lake was getting stranger. He fell into the rift and came out of it in 1621 in time to meet the rest of the companions. We do not know his motivations yet. He does dislike Dara Happans though.

Take a look at Bronwyn's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Garthael Flashing-Blade - Clayton Baisch

Garthael Flashing-Blade Garthael hailed from Hendrikiland where he had fought a guerrilla war against the waves of successive invaders in that land. The western knights, the Red Empire and finally the Brithini in the south. It must be told how he had the strength of a bear but still moved with the pantherish grace of a stalking alynx. Every opening in his clothes sprouted a knife hilt and he was constantly cleaning his nails with a throwing knife as sharp as Yinkin's claws..

Garthael wants to perserve the independance of Sartar and the Orlanthi.

Take a look at Garthael's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Gudny Stormchaser - Wesley Quadros

Gudny Stormchaser Gudny Stormchaser, son of Bjarn Harvasson, son of Harva Doomteller was the Chief of the Gwandor clan until he had to leave to keep the Lunars from destroying the clan. He and his companions had waged a very successful feud with the Lunar's showcase clan and embarassed the government. He is married with 8 kids and was the head of the Stormchaser household, the 3rd largest (and wealthiest) in the clan; his brother Yorden manages the family while Gudny is in exile. There are 130 people in his household including: Yorden Ironplow, the Clan's Barntar representative on the inner ring, and Hild Cowwise, the Clan's Uralda representative on the inner ring.

Gudny is also known as Uz-friend, Book Burner, Giant-Friend, and Bull Master.

Gudny is a fervent follower of Orlanth. His goal is to prove that Orlanth is the King of Gods by seeing Sartar free from the chaotic Lunar Empire!

Gudny sits as Priest on Argrath's King's Ring.

Take a look at Gudny's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.
This is Gudny's Warband.
Meet the Stormchaser Household.

Kamoar Shadowstalker - Greg Varga

Kamoar Shadowstalker Kamoar is the son of a carl who died in 1613, during the rebellion. His father, Heartsthew Theril, died of his wounds in Kamoar's arms begging him to swear vengeance against the Lunars. He gave Kamoar his spear and cautioned him to be stealthy and as smart as Yinkin. So Kamoar has followed his words but added the cat's joy of killing and torturing its prey. Kamoar was the clan's Master Hunter until the Lunar's forced all of the friends into exile.

Lunar Kill Count: 28

Take a look at Kamoar's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Katla Swiftsword - Catherine Pere

Katla Swiftsword Katla is an exiled Vingan warrior from the Kheldon clan. The Gwandor accepted her and she now serves the chief. Her parents were sacrificed to the Dara Happan gods and she burns for revenge against them. Katla followed the rest of the companions into exile.

Take a look at Katla's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Lothar Twinblades - Jason MacIntyre

Lothar Twinblades Lothar is a quiet and grim follower of Humakt. He treads the path of The Gwandor, the ancestral spirit of the Gwandor. With the death of the Sinew, Lothar became The Gwandor on the clan ring and he took over the Gwandor household; with the friend's outlawing, Lothar follows his Chief, Gudny and his Hidden King, Argrath.

Take a look at Lothar's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Sigmund Stormblade - Danny Sarrasin

Sigmund Stormblade Sigmund is a loud and boisterous member of the Gwandor. He follows the wyrd of Hedkoranth, the most powerful of Orlanth's Thunderbrothers. His family was one of the founding families of the Gwandor clan. Sigmund and Gudny are blood-brothers sworn to free Sartar from the Lunars and to never let the other's back go unprotected in any matter. Sigmund is now also exiled to protect the clan from the Lunar's anger.

Sigmund is the master of a Hedkoranthi spirit-stone he has called "Little Weighty". Little Weighty fell from the sky and agreed to serve Sigmund.

Sigmund sits as Warlord on Argrath's King's Ring.

Take a look at Sigmund's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

Varax - Chris Armer

Varax Varax is the kin of Sigmund and has taken refuge with the Gwandor from the Lunars. All Uroxi have been declared outlaw by the Empire because of their support for the Starbrow rebellion. Varax has followed his Chief into Exile.

Take a look at Varax's "Hero Wars" Character Sheet.

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July 24, 2001

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