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One of the things that I like to do is read about other people's campaigns and share ours with them. I get ideas from theirs and I hope they find find enjoyment and ideas in ours. This is why I have posted campaign histories and notes from games that I have played in.

The Gwandor Campaign The rise of Argrath Dragonfriend and the fall of the Empire
The Knights du Vaillant Seshnelan knights in Joranit.
The Laguros PBEM Campaign A Play-by-e-mail game set among the Char-Un.
The Mitchuinn Campaign Crossing theDeathline and the origins of the Mitchuinn.
The PargAddi Campaign Tales of the PargAddi regiment of the Imperial Hunter Corp.
The Pavis Campaign Wild adventures in Pavis.
The Voroni Campaign A Play-by-e-mail game in Sartar during the Hero Wars.

Have you ever wanted to expand your gaming group? Moved to a new area and are trying to find a new gaming group? I am collecting a list of gamers-seeking-groups and groups-seeking-gamers here.

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11 February, 2004