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Deville was a character played by Martin Laurie while he played RQ in England. Once Martin moved to Canada, Deville became a recurring NPC in our Pavis campaign. DeVille is a Lunar sorceror in the Field College of Magic. He is an intiate of Yanafal Tarnils, Rufelza and the Chaos Bat. *

I will post more information on Deville when I get it.

I will post more of Deville's stories when I get them from Martin.

Deville and the Elevens - Part 1
Deville and the Elevens - Part 2
Deville and the Elevens - Part 3

Arrival in Pavis - Part 1
Arrival in Pavis - Part 2

Meeting the Natives - Part 1
Meeting the Natives - Part 2
Meeting the Natives - Part 3
Meeting the Natives - Part 4
Meeting the Natives - Part 5

Settling In - Part 1
Settling In - Part 2
Settling In - Part 3
Settling In - Part 4
Settling In - Part 5

A Night Out

Wastelands - Part 1
Wastelands - Part 2
Wastelands - Part 3
Wastelands - Part 4
Wastelands - Part 5

* This is not possible in Hero Wars.

May 31, 2000

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