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This was the first of Eorkanís Sagas Ė told in good Orlanthi style (in other words, exaggeratedly and uncritically heroic). First, we completed the Mistflower Meadow adventure from Tales 18. Admittedly, our solution, which involved Borin the Yinkin devotee (who really does reflect his deityís characteristics, largely by spending most of the time when heís not out chasing any female in sight curled up asleep on a rafter or by the fire) trying to seduce the Hag was distinctively tasteless. Then, when our stead was attacked by an undead beast in the body of a dead maiden, what really happened was that Cutrid, the tough warrior, spent most of his time stuck in a snowdrift, while the trader and the Yinkini actually had to try to deal with the beast. And the Sartarites wonder why the lunars beat themÖ Admittedly, when forced to join in the battle against a huge trollish army, we acquitted ourselves rather better, Eorkanís magical goose honks deafening, disorienting and driving off whole regiments of trollkin! When faced with the evil spirit Soretooth, though, who kept possessing us in turn, all Eorkan could do was offer Issaries 3 cows in return for banishing the ghost. Three cows! No wonder Issaries decided it was a Good Deal.

Hail to Cutrid, Black as iron,
Orlanthís son and spanielsí bane.
Sunset leaping, ever seeking,
Glory in the wind-lordís name.

Hail to Borin, Yinkinís chosen,
Friend to all, from hag to maid.
Hunter, lover, grain-defender,
Never shall his glory fade.

Hail to Eorkan, trader princeling,
Goose-blessed wanderer by choice.
Honeyed words or shout of thunder,
None should fail to heed his voice.

Undead creatures, grave-begotten,
Sought to despoil Meadowglade.
So Cutrid, Borin, Eorkan did
Sally forth the clan to aid.

Meadowsweet was sore beleaguered,
Upon the three a hag did pounce.
Cutridís arm and Eorkanís voice,
Borinís lips the hag did trounce.

Ernalda fair did give her blessing,
Fallow fields now gold with grain,
As the three return in triumph,
Heralded by carl and thane.

Then to Runegate did they carry
Bounty great, by wagon train.
Evil lunars sought to trick them,
But they lost at Eurmalís game!

Eorkan used cunning tradetalk
Buying many, selling few.
Back they came with wealth and glory,
Silver blades for warriors true.

Dark Season. Snow-devils muster.
Clanfolk gather in their stead.
Once again, the three must battle
Protecting all from foul undead.

Comely maiden holds a secret,
Heartís-blood drained and body broke.
Cutrid strives to reach the kingís-house,
Then a fearsome spirit woke.

Black of soul and fell of talon,
Ripping forth from maidenís breast.
Borin valiant did battle,
Eorkan with Elmlight pressed.

Cutrid forged his way through snowdrift,
As about him Valind raged.
Mighty Thanos, Sword of Humakt,
Slew the beast the three had caged.

The beast was dead, the clan protected,
But a task still lay ahead.
Orlanthís people should remember:
Proper treat the sacred dead.

None within the clan would venture,
Far from stead and homely fire.
But the three as one did step forth:
Take the maiden to her pyre.

Valindís demons thick did muster,
Trollish hordes their path did block,
Colymar their mission questioned:
All these perils they did mock.

Like thunderbolts by Orlanth flourished,
Slaughtered hundred trolls and more.
Gooseish cries the trollkin routed,
Borin, Cutrid bathed in gore.

ĎLong Starfire Ridge the three faced evil,
Soretoothís spirit, full of spite.
Issaries the three did favour,
Banishing the foul-black wight.

Thus triumphant, they did come to
Apple Lane (all tin and stone).
Sad their mission, but their glory
Was to bring the maiden home.

Orlanthís armsman, Yinkinís hunter,
Trader prince of Issaries,
Foreign born, but destined ever
For our tribal histories.

January 11, 2001

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