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This, on the other hand, appears to be an initial fragment of a work in progress about the latter part of the story recounted in Eorkan’s Saga of the Three Foreigners: certainly the (unknown) author seems to have made a great deal of changes...

How Issaries Pulled Soretooth
The Ballad of Soretooth’s End, Part 1

Dark Season came – dark magic with it,
So let this tale inform you all
Of heroes’ deeds and shocking cock-ups evil cunning,
When on Swordvale undead did fall.

But lò, who are these hapless happy heroes?
Cutrid, power-mad half troll, Orlanth’s weapon-thane,
Borin, horny, skiving bastard, Yinkin’s wily huntsman
Eorkan – greedy wee arsehole! trader prince of fame.

The night was black, the snow was driving.
Borin, eyeing up the cows, guarding well the house,
A muffled sound above did gather,
And the others did he rouse.

Through Valind’s fury did they battle,
Up above, a corpse they found:
Fairest maiden, but with ugly
Talon marks, her throat around.

With grunts and grumbles care and sorrow they did bring her
Down into the firelight.
Eorkan rummaged through her treasures, was by sorrow unmanned,
Hungry Cutrid had a bite death-staves did recite.

At once the heroes knew they needed,
The magic of Ty Kora Tek
So that the stiff they could be shot of maiden’s soul be rested
Thus Cutrid to Swordvale must trek.

Around him Valind’s demons raging:
A blizzard, howling, did they blow.
Eventually Undaunted, Cutrid’s rippling muscles,
Pushed him through the ice and snow.

Back at the stead, the two were knackered wary.
A stench of evil filled the air.
And from the body of the maiden,
An undead beast attacked the pair.

Borin fought to reach the exit like twenty alynx,
Eorkan rushed to save his cash friend
The monster had the strength of giants,
Teeth to bite, talons to lash rend.

And yet, through epic desperation inspiration
Did they hit upon a scheme.
Elmal’s light’s to undead hateful,
So they’d cage it by sunbeam.

Thus trapped it waited helpless, raging,
While Cutrid sought to rouse the King.
The ageing psycho noble monarch swiftly mustered
Weaponthanes, help for to bring.

They thundered to the stead, bright-bladed:
Thanos, with his famous skill
Of slaughtering quite helpless victims fighting hell-spawned foes of Humakt
Undead beast did swiftly kill.

The maiden form so vile possessèd
Did come from the Colymar.
The heroes’ stead was truly ruined:
Less home, and more abattoir.

As one the heroes then stepped forth,
As Thanos them did volunteer Manfully did volunteer
The maiden to take back to her kin,
Through the winter so severe.

The grumpyallant band of heroes then
Set off, though folk of Goodvale thought
Them stupid noble to be setting out
On eve of troll god’s winter court.

January 11, 2001

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