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Isn’t it amazing how perceptions can vary. The Hidden Gale sought to foment war between the lunars and the Lismelder, burning an outlying stead while lunar forces approached and then attacking the lunars as Goodsword thanes came to investigate. At first, Cutrid and Yinkin, both once members of the Hiden Gale, attacked the lunars, even killing their Yanafali commander. However, shieldmaiden Asti and Eorkan the trader realised that it was a set-up and managed to persuade their friends to withdraw. Hidden Gale valour proved no match for imperial discipline. An enraged King Thanos subsequently outlawd the Hidden Gale, earning him their enmity. Here is the same event recounted from three perspectives – lunar, Goodsword, Hidden Gale – in three styles.

Of Common Enemies and Uncommon Friends

Of how even the doughty Orlanthi of the Goodsword clan turned their backs on the blood-thirsty terrorists of the Hidden Gale…

Rufelza’s children nearing.
Outlaw swordthanes wait.
Murderous schemes impending.

Sudden call!

Evil magics ensorcel
Goodsword heroes waiting
Driving them to berserk rage.

Battle joined!

Bandits howl forth from the wood.
Hoplites hold the line.
Back and forth rages battle.

Dawning light!

Goodsword thanes see through the daze
That led them to war
See their lunar allies clear.

Battle turns!

Hidden Gale have no fight left.
Scimitars flash red.
Bandits flee as best they can.

Bold Triumph!

Goodsword clan shows its wisdom.
Honourable folk.
Storm and Moon can find one path.

The Tale of the Hidden Gale outlaws

How evil follows when those who call themselves Orlanthi seek to abuse the laws of hospitality and visit sword-strife on the Goodsword

Orlanth’s lessons, not forgotten,
Speak of honour-rights and dues.
Shame to those whose talk of freedom
Hides contempt for those laws true!

Goodsword clan, the never-conquered,
Offered hearth and salt and roof
To those claiming, in their dotage
Reverence for the Storm King’s truth.

Brynjolfson, the sword-begotten,
Volri Windywords, outlaw:
They with Poss scum darkly conspired
To force the Goodsword into war.

Honest carls by bandits ambushed,
House ablaze and cattle dead.
King Thanos did his finest dispatch
To investigate the stead.

There the brigands hoped to force
Honest swordthanes into fight
With trickery, ignoble magic
Goodsword alone ‘gainst lunar might.

Cutrid, mightiest of swordthanes,
Borin, Yinkin’s hero true,
Believing moonking’s men attacking
Through their lines did cut and hew.

But clever Eorkan, wily Asta
Did see through the outlaws’ ruse.
Once Goodsword did not do their fighting
The Hidden Gale was bound to lose.

King Thanos is no friend of lunars
True to hearth and Orlanth’s fire
Yet those who seek his tribe to humble
Must expect his righteous ire.


How Thanos and his people turned their back on the freedom struggle.

Orlanth blessed the Goodsword people
Gave them chance to make their name
Standing with the Hidden Gale
Striking blow against Chaos-Moon

Thanos proved no kingly monarch
Sat enfeebled by his fire
Mumbling of peace and plenty
While the storm raged in the sky

At first, some Goodsword thanes showed manly
Struck a blow and raised a cry.
But others warned the red-moon soldiers
Helping those who rape our land.

Traitors two then left the battle,
Cutrin, Yinkin, once true men
Now niederlings, their names unspoken
In Orlanth’s court and Storm King’s land.

Never will the Gale be stifled
Till our land is strong and free
And traitors face the fate of outlaws
As Orlanth turns his face from theirs.

January 11, 2001

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