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The fell winds of Humakt are gathering,
a huge pack of wolves is howling.

Three are the Powers in the dark lurking:
the many-headed betrayal’s Lord
the Hungry-One seducing Maw
the Masked-One who pulls the cord.

their allies are under undying law
or fight on the verge of humanhood.

But fear not! For those who saw
Of Orlanth’s the eternal mighty Throne,
to your aid and will shall ‘ver be prone:
Urox, the savage brother,
shall die fighting the slimy reds;
Humakt, the grim soldier,
shall kill or die in much bloodshed;
Lhankor, the old wise friend,
shall counsel you in your errand.

Trust in them, trust in none else
else your swordarm shan’t finally rest.

Trust in them, hear the Truth

For It is the only warrior’s Path.

June 2, 2000

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