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Welcome to Glorantha!

"Gather 'round lads and lasses. Old Mard is gunna share a tale with you. This is a tale of Heroes and Gods; Men and Trolls; Spirits and Demons. I'm speaking of the Hero Wars. I'll tell you about The Argrath.

Uz-friend, Warlord, Wise, and Wealthy
Wolf-Brother, Dragon-Friend, Destroyer of Foes
Empire's Bane, Voydag's man

Bold wielder of blood-snake and burster of helms
Chosen of Crag-spider, he crushed the Count
Sartar's Flame flared at his touch

Kodigvari is his clan and close is his ring
Fell is his band and ferocious his rage
Lo he's come to liberate the land.

Welcome to Glorantha
Glorantha is a world of Myth and Magic where Man lives side-by-side with Uz, Mostali, Aldyra, Drulz and other stranger races. This is a world where the storm-worshipping hill men war incessantly with the sun-worshipping lowlanders; where Gods, Demons and creatures from the Void stalk the lands; where Heroes battle to save their people and for the glory of their gods.

What role will your Hero play in the wars to come?

What is Glorantha?
Glorantha is a fantasy world that is the setting for the new "Hero Wars" and "Heroquest" role-playing game systems. The older Rune Quest game system was also based on the world of Glorantha.

What is this site?
This site is a collection of stories, games and information revolving around Glorantha, Hero Wars and Heroquest. There are seven sections of this site:

  • The Middle World: Descriptions and maps of the mortal realms of Glorantha;
  • The Gods' Realm: Myths and descriptions of the Gods and their worlds;
  • The Bard's Corner: A collection of fiction set in Glorantha;
  • Campaigns: Games set in Glorantha: logs, players characters and non-player characters - includes the Gwandor Saga;
  • Resources: Aids to playing in Glorantha: sample characters, keywords, scenarios, bestiary and more;
  • The Herald's Cry: What is new on this site and in Glorantha;
  • The Crossroads: Links to other sites of use to playing in Glorantha.
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